Interior of the Sandor Teszler Library
Sandor Teszler Library


Drawings by

Ryan O'Mara

     Ryan O'Mara holds the BFA from the University of Georgia and the MFA from the University of Tennessee. He has also studied in Cortona, Italy. In his work, Mr. O'Mara acknowledges the gallery space itself -- the larger scale of his drawings makes them seem to surround and involve the viewer. The pieces consist of stacked, cut, and layered sheets of watercolor paper. The shape of the paper is as significant as the drawings themselves. The unorthodox form changes the boundaries of most works on paper by letting the drawing move across the wall in any direction and scale, and in the current installation, even the gallery ceiling will be used.


Ryan O'Mara Image

  O'Mara thinks of the elements in his work as a kind of language of visual metaphors which appear and reappear as the viewer travels through the space. His narrative-scapes describe an abstracted space with loose references to reality.  Link to installation photos.

The Sandor Teszler Library Gallery
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November 1 -- December 15

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