Interior of the Sandor Teszler Library
Sandor Teszler Library

Fine Arts Collection 

 tolbert painting Wofford’s Fine Arts Collection consists of approximately 1,300 artworks, many of which are of historical and cultural import. Acquired from the foundational days of the mid-nineteenth century to the present, the collection has served as a valuable resource to enhance scholarly research and cross-disciplinary teaching in higher education. The collection includes 300 works (an almost complete collection) of American Southern artist Julia Elizabeth Tolbert (1911-1978). Considering the marginalized area of Southern and Regional art in the field of American art history, this collection serves as a great resource for the study of Regional art and art of the American South. The collection also includes over 200 East Asian decorative arts objects, 55 portrait paintings, and approximately 50 Eastern European paintings, all providing various interdisciplinary pedagogical uses. Approximately fifteen percent of the collection is exhibited on campus, including in administration buildings and in the president’s home, while 218 paintings, 344 works on paper, 380 decorative arts objects and 10 sculptures are housed in a dedicated storage space located in the library. 

A growing digital collection of images of our Fine Arts Collection can be accessed via ArtSTOR Shared Shelf Commons

Items from our Fine Arts Collection are frequently used in exhibitions on campusoil lamp

For questions about the collection, or to arrange for a viewing of objects for a class or for research, please contact Youmi Efurd, Curator and Coordinator of Cultural Events.