Interior of the Sandor Teszler Library

Papers of David Duncan Wallace 

Wallace, David Duncan, 1874-1951
Papers, 1895-1951
3 cubic feet

Scope and Content:

Papers created and or/collected by David Wallace Duncan, longtime history and economics professor at Wofford College. A prolific writer, and eminent historian, he is perhaps best known for his landmark 4 volume History of South Carolina published in 1934. This collection contains many of his works, published and unpublished, and two suppressed novels. Books, pamphlets, reviews, addresses, editorials and articles in periodicals, dictionaries, and encyclopedias comprise the greater part of this collection. Personal correspondence, research materials, and various family papers are also included.

These works do not represent the bulk of the David Duncan Wallace Papers.  In 1979 the South Carolina Historical Society secured rights to the personal works of David Duncan Wallace from his heirs and Wofford. As Wofford College has no graduate program in history and the majority of these records were on acidic paper; it was decided to transfer title to the Society in return for a microform copy. This microform copy is part of the existing Wofford collection.

Access: Unrestricted

Location: Archives, Sandor Teszler Library, Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC

Cite as: Papers of David Duncan Wallace, Archives, Wofford College

Container List:

Box 1 - Papers of David Duncan Wallace - 4 Microform Boxes and finding aid prepared by the South Carolina Historical Society in 1980.

Box 2 - Various published and unpublished writings, the majority are typed with handwritten annotations and corrections by Dr. Wallace.

Published works:
"The Question of the Withdrawal of the Democratic Presidential
  Electors in South Carolina in 1876", with research aids  (1942)
"Sketch of Central Methodist Church, Spartanburg              (1930)
Various published newspaper articles and clippings

Unpublished works:
"Barnwell Rhett"                                                             (1932)
"Constitution of 1790 in South Carolina's Development"
"The democratizing of an Old Commonwealth"       
"Early Textile History of Spartanburg County"       
"Hamilton's Funding Measures."                                       (1895)        
"The Historical Background of Mediaeval Art, the Spirit       (1916)
  and Ideals of the Middle Ages"                                                        
 "John Wesley"                                                               (1911)
"Painting of the Italian Renaissance."                         
"South Carolina, 1910-1920."                                          [1920]

"The Historical Background of Religion in South Carolina."  (1928)
"The Judgments of International Courts."                       
"President J. Ron McKissick's Donation of His Library to
 the University of South Carolina"                                    (1945)
"Presidential Power"                                                       (1944)
"William C. Preston"                                                       (1935)

Box 3 - Graniteville, and all related materials
           -  Miscellaneous Non-Wallace Papers

A Hundred Years of William Gregg and Graniteville,          (1945)
suppressed, unpublished manuscript, 293 pp.

"Advent of William Gregg and the Graniteville Company"   (1945)

"Graniteville Bulletins"  Vol.4 No. 1, 7-8,Vol. 5 No. 2-3, Vol. 6 No. 1

"Graniteville Centennial Pageant" 12/14 & 12/15, 1945 -
 play score and photographs

Graniteville Clippings File
Graniteville Correspondence
Graniteville Financial Records and Statistics
Graniteville Map
Graniteville Photographs

"The Confederate Uniform"  - prepared for Varina Davis Chapter,
  #1707, UDC at Woodruff, SC
"Dr. Marks and the Barhamville School" by Jean Witherspoon (1903)
"Dueling" -extensive manuscript, author unknown
"Elias Marks, Educator" by Henry C. Davis
"Granger Movement in South Carolina" by J H Easterby, College
 of Charleston
  Partial paper on the Grimke Sisters, author unknown
"The South Carolina Constitutional Convention of 1865"
  by John Harold Wolfe, Masters Theses, UNC (1931).
"Unusual Career of Francis Henderson, Sr. and Son", 

Box 4 - Miscellaneous Wallace and Wallace Family
David Duncan Wallace: 
Childhood Drawings and Favorite Pictures
Obit File

Correspondence -
Board of Public Works
Briefer History of South Carolina
History of South Carolina - research pre-publication
Miscellaneous Correspondence

Robert Wallace - A Reminiscence of Academe (1928) -
autobiographical look at growing up in Spartanburg and Wofford in the early 1900's.
Robert Wallace - Correspondence
Robert Wallace - Clippings
Alice Wallace - Clippings
Wallace Family Obits
David Duncan Wallace Papers and deposition - family correspondence

Box 5 - Martin Witherspoon Gary & Wofford College

Life of Martin Witherspoon Gary (1922) - suppressed, unpublished novel. Original typed annotated copy and annotated carbon copy.
Gary Manuscript - Legal Issues and all related correspondence
Gary Manuscript Research

History of Wofford College (1951) - typed, annotated MS
All related correspondence
Dispostion of this novel to other universities
Research note files on alumni deaths

Box 6 - Various copies of Published Works

David Duncan Wallace:
"Constitutional History of South Carolina from 1725 to 1775.
  Doctorate Theses of David Duncan Wallace                    (1899)                   
"The Historical Background of Religion in South Carolina"  (1916)
"History of the South Carolina Teachers Association"         (1924)
"The Indian Constitution of 1949"                                   (1951)
"John Wesley"                                                              (1911)
"McCrady's History of South Carolina"                             (1899)
"Pardo's Route Through South Carolina in 1567"              (1936)
"Question of the Withdrawal of the Democratic Presidential
  Electors in South Carolina in 1876"     (3 copies)            (1942)
"South Carolina Constitution of 1895" (3 copies)              (1927)
"Southern Agriculture, Its Conditions and Needs              (1904)

William Arthur Sheppard:
Red Shirts Remembered (1940) - Title page contents comments written by Robert Wallace and margin notes throughout the work by DD Wallace