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Records of the South Carolina Gamma Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity.  Gamma of South Carolina Chapter
Records, 1885-1938
3 boxes, including 3 scrapbooks

Biographical or history note:  Sigma Alpha Epsilon was established at Wofford College in 1885. 

Organization note: The material includes one box of clippings and three scrapbooks of ephemera and clippings. 

Access note: unrestricted

Summary note:  The materials document the life of the fraternity, particularly the scrapbooks, which give a detailed picture of life on campus and in the fraternity. 

Citation:  Cite as: Records of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Archives, Sandor Teszler Library, Wofford College

Location:  Archives, Sandor Teszler Library, Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC 29303

Administrative notes:  Accessioned by gift of the fraternity, 2001, some materials collected from archives vertical files.  Arranged and described by Justin P. Powell, archives student assistant and fraternity member, 2001.)

Finding Aid:  Box and folder list, item list for the scrapbooks. 

BOX 1 - Files

Letter describing chapter founding.  Original and two copies enclosed.  Original removed from 1930's scrapbook.
Clippings from the 1920's.
Clippings from the 1940's.
Clippings from the 1950's.
Clippings from the 1960's.
Clippings from the 1970's.
Clippings from the 1980's.
Clippings from the 1990's.
Undated Clippings
Copies of The Record

BOX 2 - scrapbooks

Scrapbook with material dating between 1922 and 1927.
Scrapbook with material dating between 1941 and 1943.

BOX 3 - scrapbooks

Medallion from the 1932 National Convention.  Medallion removed from scrapbook from the 1930's.
Scrapbook with material dating between 1930 to 1937.

Scrapbook item list


Clipping of Delta Tau
Program for Panhellenic Council Banquet (12/7/1922)
Old Gold and Black clipping on chapter reinstatement
Letter from Eloise Montgomery
Banquet Program for chapter reinstatement (2/17/1923)
Telegram from William C. Levere (2/16/1923)
Telegram from George D. Kimball (2/16/1923)
Telegram from Iowa Delta (2/16/1923)
Telegram from Georgia Phi (2/16/1923)
Telegram from University of Tennessee Sigma Alpha Epsilon (2/16/1923)
Telegram from Washington Alpha (2/17/1923)
Telegram from Tennessee Zeta (2/16/1923)
Telegram from Georgia Beta (2/17/1923)
Telegram from Nebraska Lambda Pi (2/17/1923)
Telegram from Alabama Alpha Mu (2/17/1923)
Telegram from Ohio Mu (2/17/1923)
Telegram from Nebraska Lambda Pi (2/17/1923)
Telegram from Nevada Alpha (2/17/1923)
Telegram from Indianapolis Alumni Association (2/17/1923)
Telegram from Pennsylvania Gamma (2/17/1923)
Telegram from Montana Alpha (2/17/1923)
Telegram from Kentucky Epsilon (2/17/1923)
Letter from Walter Stallings of Alabama Iota (2/17/1923)
Letter from Arizona Alpha (2/17/1923)
Letter from O.K. Quivey (3/20/1923)
Telegram from New Hampshire Beta (2/17/1923)
Telegram from Ohio Theta (2/17/1923)
Telegram from Ohio Tau (2/17/1923)
Telegram from Georgia Epsilon (2/17/1923)
Telegram from Robert Frederick of Pennsylvania Delta (2/16/1923)
Telegram from Colorado Chi (2/16/1923)
Telegram from Colorado Zeta (2/17/1923)
Telegram from Indiana Gamma (2/17/1923)
Telegram from Frank Heiser Pennsylvania Zeta (2/15/1923)
Telegram from M.K. Quick of Wyoming Alpha (2/15/1923)
Telegram from J.A. Gunnis of Nashville of Alumni Association (2/16/1923)
Telegram from Dubois Alumni Association (2/16/1923)
Telegram from Massachusetts Gamma (2/16/1923)
Telegram from Michigan Iota Beta (2/16/1923)
Telegram from Kansas Beta (2/19/1923)
Telegram from R. G. Hess at Massachusetts Beta Epsilon (2/20/1923)
Telegram from Tennessee Nu (2/18/1923)
Telegram from Washington City Rho (2/18/1923)
Program for Sophomore Exhibition (4/23/1923)
Program for the 1923 Commencement
Clipping: "Wofford Student Body Elects New Officers"
Clipping: "Executive Committee Elected"
Clipping: "Some Reasons Why the Terriers are Staging a Comeback"
Clipping: "Wofford College Directory"
Card from Converse Student Helen Richardson
"The Eschewed Past" - a poem in the Journal by W.K. Child
Panhellenic Council program (11/19/1923)
Clipping describing Country Club dance (3/21/1924)
Clipping describing banquet at Franklin Hotel
Invitation to Greenwood Christmas Dance
Program for Annual Triangular Debate (2/15/1924)
Regrets from Miss Sara Shaw
Telegram from Tennessee Omega (2/18/1923)
Telegram from California Beta (2/27/1923)
Letter to O.B. Hinson from Ivan Lee Holt (5/23/1922)
Clipping on Frank Exum
Clipping on Roslip Latimer
Clipping on "Juicy" Orvin
Clipping: "Knotts, Guard"
Clipping: "J.H. Orvin Elected Captain of Freshman Team"
Clipping: "Exum at Keystone"
Clipping: "Final Eliminations Made in Glee Club"
Christmas Card from Pennsylvania Phi
Christmas Card from Ohio Sigma
Christmas Card from Wyoming Alpha
Clipping: "SAE Banquet Held a Few Days Ago"
Clipping: "Allen Stokes at Convention"
Christmas Card from Massachusetts Beta Upsilon
Christmas Card from Maine Alpha
Christmas Card from Illinois Psi-Omega
Card from the family of John D. Collin
Glee Club Program
Christmas Card from Ohio Epsilon
Christmas Card from Idaho Alpha
Christmas Card from Sigma Delta Tau
Invitation to Epicurean Dance
Oratorical Contest Program (2/22/1924)
Christmas Card from Alpha Kappa Phi
Christmas Card from California Gamma
Christmas Card from Oklahoma Kappa
Christmas Card from North Dakota Alpha
Christmas Card from Colorado Lambda
Christmas Card from Georgia Beta
Clipping: "SAE Frat Will Name Officers Today; Delegates to Attend Big Dance Tonight" from the Atlanta Constitution (12/30/1924)
Clipping: "Dutch Supper Ends SAE Convention"
Clipping: "Memory of Woman SAE is Honored At Convention Here"
Christmas Card from Ohio Mu
Greetings from the Columbian Society
Invitation saying "Weidemeyer Will Be Here"
Invitation from Delta Tau for Reinstatement of Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Old Gold and Black staff listing with chapter member's noted
Clipping: "SAE Banquet Brilliant Affair"
Program for Annual Freshman Declamation Contest (5/12/1924)
Clipping: "Wofford Wins Tennis State Championship"
Program for Sophomore Exhibition
Invitation for County Club party
Clipping of Baseball Team
Clipping: "Freshman Class Holds Important Meeting"
Clipping: "Stuart: First Base"
Clipping: "Heads Student Body"
Clipping: "Letters Awarded Star Athletes at Wofford"
Clipping: "Freshman Hold Annual Declamation Contest"
Letter to chapter from Robert Lee Collins (5/14/1924)
Letter to chapter from J.E.I. Faison (5/18/1924)
Letter to chapter from Margaret Bland
Christmas Card from Maine Alpha
Christmas Card from Ohio Epsilon
Christmas Card from Illinois Delta
Christmas Card from Kentucky Kappa
Christmas Card from Washington Beta
Christmas Card from Massachusetts Beta-Upsilon
Christmas Card from New York Rho
Christmas Card from Alabama Alpha-Mu
Christmas Card from Virginia Omicron
Christmas Card from Georgia Epsilon
Christmas Card from North Dakota Alpha
Christmas Card from Washington Alpha
Christmas Card from Newell Windom Ellison
Christmas Card from Pennsylvania Omega
Christmas Card from Iowa Gamma
Christmas Card from Pennsylvania Theta
Christmas Card from Washington City Rho
Christmas Card from Alpha Kappa Phi of Johns Hopkins University
Christmas Card from Michigan Alpha
Christmas Card from Idaho Alpha
Christmas Card from Colorado Lambda
Clipping: "William Klugh Child" from the Record
Clipping: "SAE Fraternity Banquet Brilliant Event" from Spartanburg Herald" (3/22/1925)
Clipping: "Commencement Speakers Elected"
Clipping: "Pledge Day at Wofford"
1924 Commencement Program
Old Gold and Black staff listing with chapter members noted
Annual Junior Debate Program (5/30/1924)
Christmas Card from Nevada Alpha (loose)
Invitation to Cornerstone Laying Ohio Epsilon
Picture of S.B. "Bo" Knotts
Clipping: "Wofford Line Up"
Clipping: "Wofford College Honor Roll"
Clipping: "Clipping on Gabe Hill
Clipping: "Black Letters Are Awarded to Old Gold and Black Men"
Clipping: "Gets All-State: Gabe Hill"
Clipping: "Wofford Captures Both Singles and Doubles Championships" from Spartanburg Herald (5/1/1925)
Clipping: "High Honor Man at Wofford This Year"
Clipping: "Wins Intercollegiate Single Title"
Clipping: "S.B. Knotts Is Elected Captain of 1925 Wofford Eleven" from Spartanburg Herald (12/3/1924)
Clipping: "One Lung Lewis"
Clipping: "Child's Play Exceptional"
Annual Oratorical Contest Program (2/24/1924)
Old Gold and Black staff listing with chapter members noted
Clipping: "College Directory"
Clipping: "New Fraternity Installed Here", describes founding of Blue Key
Clipping: "Sigma Upsilon to Hold Interest Meeting" (loose)
Clipping: "Delegates to YMCA Meeting Make Reports"
Clipping: "South Carolina Gamma Has Gridiron Heroes"
Annual Freshman Exhibition Program (5/10/1926)
Clipping: "Large Attendance and Fervor at 'Y' Meeting"
Old Gold and Black staff listing with chapter members noted
Christmas Card from Illinois Theta
Christmas Card from Ohio Epsilon
Christmas Card from Pennsylvania Gamma
Christmas Card from Arizona Alpha
Invitation to December 30 Convention Dance
Christmas Card from Alpha Nu chapter of Kappa Sigma
Christmas Card from Illinois Psi-Omega
Christmas Card from North Carolina Theta
Christmas Card from Alabama Alpha-Mu
Christmas Card from Indiana Gamma
Christmas Card from New York Rho
Christmas Card from Arkansas Alpha-Upsilon
Christmas Card from Massachusetts Beta Upsilon
Christmas Card from Georgia Phi
Christmas Card from Ohio Theta
Christmas Card from Lauren Foreman, Eminent Supreme Archon
Christmas Card from Georgia Beta
Christmas Card from Ohio Tau
Christmas Card from Sigma Alpha Chi of the University of Vermont
Christmas Card from Newell Windom Ellison
Christmas Card from Virginia Kappa
Old Gold and Black staff listing for 1926-1927 with chapter members noted
1927 Commencement Program
Freshman Declamation Contest Program (5/4/1927)
Clipping: "SAE Gets $25,000 of Levere's $100,000" from the Evanston Review (3/3/19__)
Pi Kappa Delta Province Convention Program (4/8 to 4/9/1927)
Certificate certifying B.G. Hartzog completed a course in Bible (1/28/1928)
Banquet Invitation for the installation of South Carolina Delta (10/3/1927)
Christmas Card from Virginia Kappa
Christmas Card from California Alpha
Christmas Card from Pennsylvania Phi
Clipping: "Friends Hear Eulogies for Billy Levere"
Random Scribblings
Christmas Card from New Hampshire Beta
Christmas Card from Montana Alpha
Christmas Card from Kappa Iota Epsilon Fraternity
Clipping: "Rat Terriers Make Good Record in Pee Dee Trip Recently"
Clipping: "Members of IRC Chosen Recently"
Card signed by William C. Levere
Christmas Card from Wisconsin Alpha
Christmas Card from Ohio Sigma
Clipping: "Freshman Trample on Sophs in First Inter-class Game"
Christmas Card from Idaho Alpha
Christmas Card from Colorado Zeta
Christmas Card from Arizona Alpha
Clipping: "Freshmen Will Declaim Tonight for Gray Medal"
Clipping: "R.W. Stokes Wins Frosh Declamation"
Christmas Card from Washington Beta
Christmas Card from Maine Alpha
Christmas Card from B.G. Hartzog
Clipping: "SAE Fraternity Hold Founder's Day Banquet"
Clipping: "Wofford Freshman Win Annual Debate"
Christmas Card from Massachusetts Beta Upsilon
Christmas Card from Leroy H. Cox
Christmas Card from Missouri Beta
Ballot for Student Body Officers
Ballot for Junior Class Officers
Christmas Card from Newell Windom Ellison
Christmas Card from Idaho Alpha
Christmas Card from William C. Levere
Clipping: "Terrier Net Men Win Two Matches
Clipping: "Semi Finals Are Scheduled Today"
Sophomore Oratorical Contest Program (4/11/1927)
Christmas Card from Roger Edward Harrell
Ballot for Sophomore Class Officers
Ballot for Freshman Class Officers
Clipping: "Major's Retirement Brings Crisis in Wofford Athletics"
Clipping: "Frosh Chose Three Officers Thursday"
Clipping: "Fighting Guard"
Clipping: "Club Members"
Clipping: "Beta Preston"
Picture of Jack Eshelman (loose)
Clipping: "Pledge Day is Observed By Fraternities of the Campus"
Old Gold and Black staff listing with chapter members noted
Clipping: "SAE Forms Alumni Chapter"
Clipping: "Delta Chapter, SAE, Returns to University"
Clipping: "Freshman Council Begins Its Work With Good Meeting"
Clipping: "To Arrange Debate With Furman Univ. During IRC Meeting"
Clipping: "Freshman Class Elects Jackson"
Clipping: "Beta Pi Theta Pledge Ten Men"
Clipping: "Martin E. Player" (5/26/1927)
Clipping: "Three Debates in Month of February"
Clipping: "Brilliant Forward Pass, Kinkley to Doug Jones, Brings Wofford Marker(?)"
Clipping: "Walterboro Boy Bestowed Big Honor by Men"
Clipping of chapter members, presumably from the Record
Clipping: "Semi Finals Are Reached in Net Matches Friday"
Clipping of Athletes of South Carolina Gamma from the Record
Clipping: "Pretty Fielder"
Clipping: "D.J. Jones from the Record
1928 Wofford Baseball Schedule
Picture of Billy Levere in YMCA uniform
Card from Frederick C. Levere and the Supreme Council
Clipping: Funeral of W.C. Levere Held Today"
Telegram from James E. Chapman announcing Levere's death (2/22/1927)
Clipping: "Friends Bid Good-Bye to Billy Levere in Simple Rite at Bier" from the Evanston Review (3/23/1927)
Clipping: "'Cousin Billy' Levere"
Letter from [names illegible] North Dakota Alpha
Note from [name illegible] (12/15/1927)
Picture of headquarters in Evanston
Card from Mr. and Mrs. John Adger Law


Page 1: Assorted Pictures of Wofford College

Page 2: Olympic Convention
Picture of Julian M. Humphries
1932 Convention Program
Olympic Ball Ticket Stub from the 1932 Convention
Olympic Banquet Program from the 1932 Convention
Coconut Grove Ticket Stub
ID Card from 1932 Convention
Sticker from Catalina Island

Page 3: Clippings from the Old Gold and Black
Clipping: "Oratorical Contest Scheduled Friday"
Clipping: "Dean Dupre Lists Frosh Scholars"
Clipping: Delta Chi Alpha Welcomes New Men"
Clipping: "Thirty-Four Sophs Excel in Studies"
Clipping: "Wofford Blue Key Initiates Eleven Men"
Clipping: "Election of New Officers Thursday by Delta Phi Alpha"
Clipping: "Freshman Debating Teams Chosen"

Page 4: Souvenirs from the 1930 National Convention and the 1932 and 1934 Province Conventions
1) Ticket Stub to 1930 Convention
2) Banquet Program for 1930 Convention.  Includes signatures of Alfred Nippert, Harry Bunting, John Moseley, and O.K. Quivey.
3) Program for 1934 Province Convention
4) Ribbon for 1932 Province Convention

Page 5: Clippings on Daniel Roper (SC Gamma 1885), Secretary of Commerce
Picture of Roper
Clipping: "The Secretary of Commerce, Daniel C. Roper, Guest of the Bar of His Home State"
Clipping: "State Planning Program is Urged by Roper"
Picture of Roper
Clipping: "Roper Heard by Attorneys"

Page 6: Invitations Sent by Chapter
Dance Card from Annual Dance
Invitation to Dance (12/9/1932)
Invitation to Dance (4/30/1934)
Ticket to Sigma Alpha Epsilon Dance (4/30/1934)
Invitation to Varsity Club Dance
Invitation to Spring Dance (5/8 and 5/9/1931)

Page 7: Founders Day Banquet 1935
Clipping: "Watkins Speaks to SAE Here"
Clipping: "Frat Planning Founders Day Dinner Tonight"
Founders Day Banquet Program (3/9/1935)
Clipping: "Fraternity Will Honor Founders"
Clipping: "SAE Fraternity To Hold Banquet"
Headline: "Watkins to Be Speaker at SAE Founders Day"
Clipping: "Frat Banquet Is Slated Saturday"

Page 8: Levere Temple Dedication
1) Program Cover for Dedication of Levere Temple
2) Program for Dedication of Levere Temple
3) Picture of Johnny May

Page 9: Clipping: "Off the Bench" by Judge Walter B. Jones

Page 10: Columbia Founders Day Banquet Clippings
1) Clipping: "SAE Banquet Given Saturday"
2) Clipping: "SAE Founders Day Banquet and Dance Last Night"
3) Clipping: "Guests at SAE Banquet at Jefferson Tonight"
4) Clipping: "SAE Gives Party March 16"

Page 11: Clippings on Freshmen Members (1934-35)
Old Gold and Black staff listing (4/13/1935)
Clipping: "Dean Allows Publication of Scholars"
Program for Freshman Declamation Contest (5/13/1935)

Page 12: 1934 National Convention and 1935 Leadership School
1) Picture of James Caldwell
2) 1934 Convention Program
3) Narrative by John O. Moseley
4) 1935 Leadership School Button
5) Picture of Caldwell, Moseley, and an unidentified person

Page 13: Levere Memorial Temple
1) Postcard of Entrance Hall and Stairway
2) Postcard of Supreme Council Room
3) Postcard of Tower Room
4) Postcard of Memorial Library

Page 14: Clippings
1) Clipping: "Bobby Jones Is Hot"
2) Clipping: "Pittman Asserts Hitler Scrapping Of Pact Serious"
3) Headline: "Grant and Budge Win Two Matches"
4) Headline: "Huff Tells of Highway Vote"
5) Headline: "Dr. B.E. Geer, Furman"
6) Clipping: "Bitsky Grant on Davis Cup Team"
7) Clipping: "Grant Will Be Here This Spring"
8) Clipping: "Warburton Gets Look at Chicago Cubs in Contest"

Page 15: 1935 Chapter
1) Picture of chapter
2) List of chapter honors

Page 16: Glee Club
1) 1935 Glee Club Adult Ticket
2) 1935 Glee Club Student Ticket
3) Glee Club staff listing

Page 17: Alumni Ball of 1935
1) Invitation to Alumni Ball
2) Ribbon to the event
3) Admission ticket to Ball

Page 18: Clipping: "Fraternity Tea Dance and Ball Tomorrow Occasion of Interest"

Page 19: Clippings
1) Clipping: "New Alumni Advisor"
2) Clipping: "SAE Banquet Attended by 45"
3) Clipping: "Seniors at SC Gamma"
4) Clipping: "SAE Alumni, Active Chapter Meet Tomorrow"
5) Clipping on student elections
6) Clipping: "Student Has Operation"
7) Clipping on Preston Literary Society
8) Clipping: "Wofford Groups Elect Officers"

Page 20: Alumni Dance Clippings
1) Clipping: "SAE Dances at Poinsett Assembled State's Loveliest Girls"
2) Clipping: "The Passing Show"
3) Clipping: "SAE Dances Today Events of Importance"
4) Clipping: "Dances in Greenville Attended by Spartans"

Page 21: Clippings
1) Clipping: "Frats End Successful 1935 Rushing Season"
2) Clipping: "Former College Student Elected to Legislature"
3) Clipping: "Dean Announces Quality Point Statistics"
4) Picture of sign saying "Furmanure Whipt"

Page 22: Clippings
1) Picture of Irvine "Cotton" Warburton
2) Clipping: "Says Building at Wofford is Same"
3) Clipping: "Fred Gentry, Jr. Heads Chancellor Club"
4) "Terriers Receive Athletic Awards"
5) Clipping on Claude Evans
6) Clipping: "To a Violet"
7) Picture of a violet
8) Clipping: "Seniors of SC Phi at Furman"

Page 23: Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration
1) Clipping: "Banquet and Dance Held at Wofford"
2) Clipping: "Anniversary Program Will Be Held by SAE Chapter"
3) Headline: "Local SAE's to Attend Notable Function in Spartanburg"
4) Headline: "Secretary Roper to be Visitor Here Saturday"
5) Invitation to 50th Anniversary Event

Page 24: Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration
1) Clipping: "Secretary Roper To Be Visitor Here Saturday"
2) Clipping: "Roper Expected in City Saturday"
3) Letter to chapter from Eric Davis of Mississippi Gamma Housing Association (10/16/1935)
4) Ticket to Tea Dance
5) Ticket to Banquet
6) Ticket to Formal Dance

Page 25: Telegram from Margie G. Renn to A.K. Nippert and James Caldwell

Page 26: Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration
1) Clipping: Cabinet Member Expected Today"
2) Clipping: "Roper, Here for SAE Event, Notes Business Improvement"
3) Clipping: "Daniel C. Roper, Honor Guest of SAE Chapter"

Page 27: Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration
1) Clipping: "Roper Recalls Life as Boy at Wofford College"
2) Clipping: "Roper Sees New Economic Order"

Page 28: Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration
1) Program for the event
2) Ribbon from the event
3) Song list for the event

Page 29: Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration
1) Letter to James Caldwell from Walter B. Jones (10/7/1935)
2) Letter to James Caldwell from George D. Kimball (10/12/1935)
3) Letter to James Caldwell from Charles F. Collins (10/12/1935)

Page 30: Noble Leslie Devotie
1) Pictures of Devotie's tomb (3)
2) Article: "Devotie's Death - Reminiscenses of a Comrade" by H.A. Haralson
Page 31: Letter from Semi-Centennial
1) Letter to James Caldwell from B.W. Crouch (10/16/1935)
2) Letter to chapter from Hendree Harrison (10/8/1935)

Page 32: Clippings
1) Clipping: "Pint Size ______"
2) Clipping: "Flashy Sophomore"

Page 33: Clippings
1) Clipping of chapter leaders at Furman University
2) Clipping: "South Carolina Phi"
3) Clipping: "Bobby Jones Best Known"
4) Clipping: "Snyder Hall Board is Elected"
5) Clipping: "Members of French Club Show Enthusiasm"
6) Clipping: "I.R.C. Discusses Topic 'Italy and Ethiopia'"
7) Postcard from Herbie Kay to James Caldwell

Page 34: Clippings
1) Clipping: Fiftieth Anniversary of South Carolina Gamma" by Malcolm Ainsworth.
2) Clipping: "Dr. Geer Speaks Here Tomorrow"
3) Clipping: "To Hear College Head"
4) Clipping on Richard B. Black

Page 35: Leadership School
1) Picture of Leadership School
2) Picture of Province delegation to Leadership School
3) Clipping: "Another Step to the Front"
4) Picture of autographs from Leadership School

Page 36: Christmas Cards
1) Card from Supreme Council
2) Card from Alfred K. Nippert

Page 37: Christmas Cards
1) Card from North Dakota Beta
2) Card from Virginia Sigma
3) Card from Vermont Delta
4) Card from Illinois Psi-Omega

Page 38: Christmas Cards
1) Card from North Carolina Xi
2) Card from Tennessee Eta
3) Card from Washington Beta
4) Card from North Carolina Theta

Page 39: From the December 193_ issue of Fraternity Month
1) Picture of Noble Leslie Devotie
2) Picture of Minerva
3) Partial Clipping: "Visit Sigma Alpha Epsilon's…"

Page 40: Presumed lost or destroyed

Page 41: Presumed lost or destroyed

Page 42: Presumed lost or destroyed

Page 43: Presumed lost or destroyed

Page 44: Clippings
1) Clipping: "Among the Greeks"
2) Clipping on members of Congress
3) Clipping: "Bitsky Grant Wins Dixie Tennis Crown"
4) Clipping: "Huff Named Trustee"
5) Clipping: "Pledges Admitted By Wofford Group"
6) Clipping: SAE Plans Recall Date of Founding"

Page 45: Clippings
1) Picture of Rudy Vallee and Himmell
2) Clipping: "My Mother's Words" 

Page numbering stops or has been lost after page 45. The following page numbers are based on an effort to put the scrapbook in sequential order based on dates given and markings (water damage and fading) which indicates some sequence.

Page 46: Clippings
1) Picture of John May
2) Picture of members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at West Point
3) Clipping: "Two Years in Advance"
4) Clipping on Mouzon W. Brabham
5) Picture of chapter house at Sewanee
6) Picture of South Carolina Phi

Page 47: Clippings
1) Clipping: "Wofford Honor Students Named"
2) Clipping: "German Club Dances To Be Feature of Commencement"
3) Clipping: "Spartan Student Gets Scholarship"
4) Clipping: "Other Senior"
5) Clipping: "Rudy Vallee"
6) Clipping: "Herbie Kay To Pla-Mor"
7) Clipping: "Wofford I.R.C. Elects 26 New Members"

Page 48: Clippings
1) Clipping: "Wofford Singers Choose Officers For Coming Year"
2) Clipping: "Beta Alpha Tau Members Entertained With Supper"
3) Clipping: "Miss Rebecca McCleskey and Mr. Joyner Engaged"
4) Clipping: "Society Elects"
5) Clipping: "Eaker Captures City Handball Tournament"
6) Clipping: "Tommy Tucker and Famous Orchestra Play Here Tonight"
7) Notice from the National Office that Sammy Kaye will play "Violets" on 2/2/1936
8) Clipping: "Wofford Defeats Girls in Debate"

Page 49: 1936 Alumni Dance
1) Clipping: "SAE Alumni Dance To Be Given Monday Evening"
2) Invitation to Alumni Dance (5/4/1936)

Page 50: Clippings
1) Clipping: [ILLEGIBLE]
2) Picture of Miss Helen ______
3) Picture of Miss Mary Dorcas Harding
4) Clipping: "Sonnet To Minerva" by W.T. Going

Page 51: Clipping, "The House of Representatives", presumably from the Record

Page 52: Clippings on Scholarship
1) Clipping: "SAE Scholarship Report for 1934-5"
2) Clipping: "Average Quality Points Made By Various Fraternities and Honor Societies on Campus"
3) Clipping: "Composite Centile Ratings of Chapters for the Two Year Period (1933-34 and 1934-35) Showing Gain or Loss"

Page 53: Assorted
1) Clipping: "_______ Winner of Oratorical Contest"
2) Clipping: "Sigma Upsilon Pledges Nine Members at Meeting"
3) Clipping: "Anniversary Is Noted By SAE"
4) Clipping: "SAE Founders Day Banquet Planned"
5) Program for Annual Oratorical Contest (2/28/1936)

Page 54: Founders Day Banquet (3/14/1936)
1) Clipping: "SAE Dance Committee Sponsors"
2) Clipping: "SAE Founders Day Banquet and Dance Saturday"
3) Founders Day Banquet Program

Page 55: Honor Men of South Carolina Gamma 1935-1936
1) Picture of chapter members in the I.R.C.
2) Picture of James Caldwell
3) Picture of chapter members in Advanced Military
4) Picture of chapter members in Delta Pi Theta
5) Picture of chapter members who were athletic managers
6) Picture of chapter members in Blue Key

Page 56: Clippings from the July 1936 American Boy
1) Clipping: "He Gets Them Back" by Vereen Bell
2) Picture of Grant and Stoefner
3) Picture of a tennis player

Page 57: Pictures from the Sigma Alpha Epsilon House Party
1) Picture of the group
2) Picture: "Sunset Cottage"
3) Picture: "Everybody"
4) Picture: "SAE's and 'Ma'"
5) Picture: "Stags"
6) Picture: "Our Cottage"

Page 58: Assorted pictures from House Party

Page 59: Assorted pictures from House Party

Page 60: Clippings
1) Headline: "Ainsworth Resigns Post With Trade Post Here"
2) Staff listing for Newsview
3) Cover of Newsview with Alva Moore Lumpkin

Page 61: Clippings from the September 1936 Record
1) Clipping: "Fraternity Statistics"
2) Picture of Province Gamma Convention
3) Clipping: "Led American Olympic Hopes"

Page 62:Clipping of noted members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon in Literature, Sports, Science, Commerce, Industry, Aviation, Finance, Justice, and Education

Page 63: From the October 1936 Old Gold and Black
1) Picture of Wofford football team
2) 1936 Football Schedule
3) Clipping: "Blocker"

Page 64: Clippings from November 1936 Old Gold and Black
1) Clipping: "High Scorer"
2) Clipping: "Glee Clubs Sings at Faculty Gathering"
3) Clipping: "Blue Key Pledges Sixteen New Members"

Page 65: Clippings from November 1936 Old Gold and Black
1) Clipping: "Glee Club Chosen in Annual Try-Out"
2) Clipping: "J.C. Evans Will Head Snyder Hall Group"
3) Clipping: "Student Leaders Directory"
4) Clipping: "Three Are Selected to Try For Rhodes Scholarship Soon"
5) Clipping: "Dean A.M. Dupre Releases 1936 Fraternity Ratings"
6) Picture of ROTC Training Camp

Page 66: Clippings from the November 1936 Collegiate Digest and elsewhere
1) Clipping: [ILLEGIBLE]
2) Headline: "Fraternities Pledge 71 Men"
3) Clipping: "Miss Jean Louise Graham Is Engaged to E.R. Mann Jr."
4) Clipping: "Sigma Alpha Epsilon"

Page 67: Clipping of the Sons of Minerva in the Gridiron along with the Province Gamma All-Minerva Team

Page 68: Sports Clippings
1) Clipping: [ILLEGIBLE]
2) Clipping: "'Bitsky' Going Strong Again"
3) Picture of Sam Francis
4) Picture of Phil Dickens
5) Clipping: "SAE's in Olympics"
6) Clipping: "Wofford Places On All-State Team"
7) Picture of John Drake

Page 69: Christmas Cards
1) Card from South Carolina Gamma
2) Card from Washington City Rho
3) Card from California Alpha
4) Card from Virginia Kappa

Page 70: Christmas Card
1) Card from Illinois Beta
2) Card from Georgia Phi
3) Card from Missouri Beta
4) Card from Maryland Rho Delta

Page 71: Clippings
1) Clipping: "Robert Young of the Movies"
2) Picture of Orville Smith Galbreath
3) Clipping: "Scholarship of SAE Up for 1935-36"

Page 72: Clippings
1) Picture of the officers of South Carolina Gamma
2) Clipping: "Fraternity Men Lead In Scholarship During 1935-36"
3) Clipping: "Violets Ever Popular"
4) Clipping on Herbie Kaye
5) Picture from House Party
6) Clipping: "SAE Leads in College Who's Who"

Page 73: German Club Dance Invitations
1) Invitation to German Club Spring Dance
2) Invitation to Christmas Series at Women's Club
3) Invitation to Spring Dances
4) List of Officers, Directors, and sponsors for German Club Dances

Page 74: German Club Bids
1) Invitation to hear Barney Rapp and His Famous New Englanders (2/8/1937)
2) Invitation to Ball Dance (11/13/1936)
3) Invitation to Autumn Dance (10/24/1936)

Page 75: Founders Day Banquet
1) Clipping: "Wofford Frat to Note Anniversary"
2) Clipping: "Fraternity Has Annual Banquet"
3) Ticket to banquet
4) Banquet Program

Page 76: Clippings
1) Clipping: "Ainsworth Named Head of Southeastern Body"
2) Clipping: "Students Take Exam for Rhodes Award"
3) Clipping: "Wofford Finals Date Moved Up; Speakers Named"
4) Clipping: "Senior Class Statistics Are Announced"
5) Clipping: "Snyder Executive Group Is Selected"
6) Clipping: "Wofford Class Event Friday"

Page 77: Seniors of South Carolina Gamma 1937
1) Picture of D.R. Stack
2) Picture of "Stumpy" Beacham
3) Picture of Archie Breeden, Jr.
4) Picture of Fred Gentry, Jr.
5) Picture of Claude Evans
6) Picture of Ham Mason
7) Picture of Tom Snyder

Page 78: Glee Club
1) Glee Club program for 1936-1937 season
2) Picture of Sprott and Alexander
3) Student Ticket for 1937 season
4) Adult ticket for 1937 season
5) Glee Club staff listing

Page 79: Clippings
1) Clipping: "Student Paper Heads Elected"
2) Clipping: "Sigma Alpha Epsilon"
3) Clipping: "Handball Finals Set For Today"
4) Clipping: "Cannon Wins Wofford Contest"
5) Clipping: "French Frat Names Officers For 1938"
6) Clipping: "College Quartet Will Tour State"
7) Clipping: "Officers Named By Publication Board for Next Year"

Page 80: Clippings
1) Clipping: "Wofford Singers Elect Officers"
2) Clipping: "SAE Fraternity Enjoys Dinner"
3) Clipping: "ROTC Field Day Is Observed"
4) Clipping: "Looks Like War, But He's Smiling"
5) Clipping: "Wofford Well Represented at ROTC Group

Page 81: House Party
1) Pictures of the group (2)
2) Picture of "Ma" Helms
3) Picture of chapter members
4) Picture of dates to House Party
5) Clipping: "SAE House Party at Pawley's"

Page 82: Assorted House Party Pictures

Page 83: Assorted House Party Pictures

Page 84: Assorted House Party Pictures

1) Clipping: "Relative Standing of Chapters of Sigma Alpha Epsilon"
2) Clipping on scholastic achievement
3) Clipping: "Cited for Honors"
4) Clipping on highest ranking in province
5) Clipping: "Initiates"
6) Clipping: "French Students Elect Edwards"
7) Clipping: "Fifty Years of Public Life"
8) Clipping: "Claude Edwards Is Elected '42-'43 I.R.C. President"
9) Clipping: "SAE's Climax Social Season With Two Dances"
10) Clipping on sponsors for dance at Country Club
11) Clipping: "SAE's Celebrate Founders Day
12) Clipping: "Wofford Singers To Take Part in Columbia Festival"
13) Clipping: "Crenshaw Elected SCA President"
14) Headline: "Senior Superlatives of 1942"
15) Picture: "Best All-Around: Guy Wilkes"
16) Picture: "Laziest: Rupert Hodges"
17) Clipping: "Rifle Team Downs P.C. for Third Straight Win
18) Clipping: "Jack Richardson Succeeds Owens as SAE Head"
19) Program for Founders Day Banquet (2/28/1942)
20) Picture, presumably from Banquet
21) Clipping: "Army, Navy Air Chiefs"
22) Picture of Lt. General Stanley H. Ford
23) Clipping: "Major General in Marine Corps"
24) Clipping: "Twice Decorated for Bravery"
25) Clipping: "Clips Seven Jap Planes"
26) Picture of Hewitt Wheless
27) Clipping: "Three SAE Governors"
28) Picture of William McKinley
29) Clipping: "Edwards is Elected SAE President"
30) Program for Founders Day Banquet (3/12/1943)
31) Clipping: "Wofford Fraternity Entertains at Banquet"
32) Clipping: "Sponsors for SAE Fraternity Banquet"
33) Letter to the Eminent Archon from Robert Aurner (3/9/1943)