Interior of the Sandor Teszler Library

Papers of President Joab M. Lesesne, Jr. 

Lesesne, Joab M., Jr

Papers, 1970-2005
[bulk 1972-2000]
Record Group 209
25 cubic feet, in 25 boxes

Biographical note: Joab Mauldin Lesesne, Jr. became the ninth president of Wofford College on June 30, 1972. A native of Greenville and a graduate of Erskine College, Lesesne took his masters and doctorate in history at the University of South Carolina. Joining the Wofford faculty in 1964, Lesesne soon moved into a series of increasingly important administrative positions. He directed Wofford’s first Interim in 1968, served as director of development and as dean of the college before assuming the presidency. During his 28-year presidency, Wofford increased in national reputation and improved in academic quality. Lesesne placed the college on a more stable financial footing, moved toward full residential coeducation, and after the mid-1980s, led the college through several major building projects and capital campaigns. During his tenure, the college moved from NAIA to NCAA Division II to NCAA Division I athletic competition, and improved its athletic facilities. The Lesesne era was known for stable and collegial faculty-administrative relationships. In its first 150 years, Lesesne had the second-longest administration, and in fact served as long as his four immediate predecessors combined. After retiring in 2000, Lesesne taught occasionally and served as a volunteer assistant football coach.

Organization note: Organized into seven series: Official Files; Athletics; Foundations; Methodist relations; Correspondence; Personal Papers; and Biographical Materials

Access note: unrestricted, except for certain development and selected files

Summary note: The papers document most major aspects of Lesesne’s administration. Official files consist of correspondence with internal constituencies, president’s staff members and office files. Athletics consists of materials relating to conference affiliation, NAIA and NCAA membership, the Carolina Panthers, and internal athletic materials. Foundations consists of files and correspondence relating to philanthropic foundations, including materials related to the Franklin W. Olin Building grant of 1989-1992. Methodist relations consists of correspondence with officers of the South Carolina Annual Conference, church relations correspondence, and national United Methodist higher education organizations. Correspondence consists of communications with external constituents, though there is some overlap with official files. Personal Papers reflect Lesesne’s community, state, and national service. These files consist of files and correspondence from Lesesne’s service in national higher education organizations, including his tenure as chairman of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities. They also consist of his Spartanburg Chamber of Commerce materials and reflect years of service on the South Carolina Tuition Grants Commission, the South Carolina Commission on Archives and History, the South Carolina Research Authority, and other state and local service. Biographical materials include materials relating to his inauguration, retirement, and news clippings.

Citation: Cite as: Papers of Joab M. Lesesne, Jr, Archives, Sandor Teszler Library, Wofford College

Location: Archives, Sandor Teszler Library, Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC 29303

Related material: Papers of Paul Hardin, III; Records of the Vice President for Evaluation, Planning and Marketing (particularly for Olin Building files).

Administrative notes: Received by transfer from President’s Office, July 2000-July 2005. Arranged by Phillip Stone in 2004-2006, arrangement and description for initial accession completed in June 2006. Later accessions received from transfer from the President’s Office, 2009, and from Joab M. Lesesne, Jr., 2010. Processing refined in July 2011 by Phillip Mullinnix and Phillip Stone. Finding aid updated on July 20, 2011.

Finding Aid: Folder Listing

Box and Folder List

Series 1 – Biographical Materials

Installation—Reel to Reel Recording, April 12, 1973
Installation and Selection as President Articles
Installation as President
Installation Proceedings and Speeches
Installation Correspondences
Correspondences, Articles and Memos (3 fold Career Development
Programs and Invitations

Box 2
Handwritten Notes
National Guard
Order of the Palmetto
Christmas Cards
Retirement Articles
Retirement Festivities Honoring Lesesne
Retirement Photos (2 photos)
Post-Retirement Articles
Wofford Employment
Wofford Today—Fall 1999
Wofford Today—Summer 2000
The Lesesne Leadership Legacy March (4 copies)
“Lesesne a Retrospective” (10 copies)
Programs and Invitations
Daily Planner 1991
Daily Planner 1996
Daily Planner 1997

Series 2 – Official Files (8 boxes)
Box 3
Admissions, to 1994
Admissions, 1994-
Admissions Task Force, 1993
Alcohol Committee
Alumni Council
Alumni Council, 1998-1999
Archives, Wofford College
Atlanta Olympics
Audit Correspondence
Back to School Dinners
Barrett, James S.
Bell Atlantic (Cell Phone)
Bookstore (Follett)
Budgets, 1973-1974
Budget, 1974-1975
Budget, 1975-1976
Budget, 1976-1977
Budget, 1977-1978
Budget, 1978-1979
Budget, 1979-1980
Budget, 1980-1981
Budget, 1981-1982
Budget, 1982-1983
Budget, 1983-1984
Budget, 1984-1985
Budget, 1985-1986
Budget, 1986-1987
Budget, 1987-1988
Budget, 1988-1989
Budget, 1989-1990
Budget, 1990-1991
Budget, 1991-1992
Budgets, 1992-1993
Budgets, 1993-1994
Budgets, 1994-1995
Budget Statement, 1986
Budget Statement, 1987
Budget Statement, 1988
Budget Statement, 1989
Budget Statement, 1990
Budget Statement, 1992

Box 4
Budget Statement, 1993
Budget Statement, 1994
Budget Statement, 1996
Budget Statement, 1997
Budget Statement, 1998
Budget Statement, 1999
Buildings, Main Building
Buildings and Grounds Task Force, 1993
Buildings-Milliken Feasibility Study (Science Building)
Campus Life Building – Planning and Construction(6 folders)
College Calendar
College Costs, 1986
College Radio Station, WEPR
Commencement, 1972-1978
Commencement, 1979
Commencement, 1980
Commencement, 1981
Commencement, 1982
Commencement, 1983
Commencement, 1984
Commencement, 1985
Commencement, 1986
Commencement, 1987
Commencement, 1988
Commencement, 1989
Commencement, 1990
Commencement, 1991

Box 5
Commencement, 1992
Commencement, 1993
Commencement, 1994
Commencement, 1995
Commencement, 1996
Commencement, 1997
Communications Office
Communications Office
Communications Office
Communications Office
Community Life Task Force
Connected Campus Task Force
Dean of Students, J. Michael Preston
Development, Edge of Excellence
Development, Administration
Vice-President for Development
Development, Administration
Development, Administrative

Box 6
Development, “Plan for the 70s”
Development, Olin Foundation
Development, R2D2 Proposal
Development Study, 1982
Development, ENDOW Campaign
Development, 1983 Projects
Development, Wofford College 1992
Development, Action Force
Development, 1980s Planning
Earth Station, 1983
Education, Wofford Dept.
Education, U.S. Dept.of
Education, State Dept.
U.S. Dept. Of Education
S.C. Dept. of Education
Endowed Professorships
Endowment Correspondence
Endowment Statements
Enrollment for the 80s
Enrollment Committee Minutes
Enrollment Statistics
Faculty Committees
Faculty Research
Financial Aid Office
Financial Aid
Financial Aid Office
Financial Aid Office
Financial Aid (State/National)
Financial Aid Restricted Letters Involving Specific Students
Foreign Study
Free Speech
Loan Problems [Restricted]
Food Services
Greene, Edward E. (V.P. for Business)
Greene Hall
Grounds And Landscaping
Institute for Education Management,1971
Legal Matters

Box 7
Holcombe Room
Logan, Frank
Logan, Frank
Logan, Frank, 1981
Logan, Frank, 1982
Logan, Frank, 1983
Logan, Frank, 1984
Morrison, Daniel B. Jr. (Senior V.P.)
National Endowment for the Humanities
McGehee, Larry T.
Old Gold and Black
Olin Building Dedication
Organ Renovation Fund
Orientation (2 folders)
Papadopoulos Building (4 folders)
Planning 125th Anniversary, 1975-80
Parent’s Advisory Council
Personnel Retirements
Phi Beta Kappa
Physical Education Program Suggestions
Placement Office

Box 8
Planning—Action Force, 1976
Planning—Wofford College, 1992
Action Force, 1976
Planning, 1980s (1)
Planning, 1980s (2)
Planning, 1980s (3)
Pre-Session Faculty Conferences
President’s Dining Room
President’s Discretionary Fund
Strategic Planning Task Force, 1986
Strategic Planning Task Force, 1987-
Fripp Retreat Address, 4/21/1989
Planning—Implementations Committee
Portrait Advisory Committee
Portrait Advisory Committee
President’s Club—Invitations and Programs
President’s Club
Religious Emphasis Week
Retirement Age
SACS, self-study, 1973-1979
SACS, 1975-1976
SACS, 1978-1982
SACS, 1979-1984

Box 9
SACS, 1984-
SACS, 1991-1992
SACS, 1992-1996
SACS, 1998-2000
SACS, self-study, 1979-1987
Science Task Force, 1991-2001
Security—Daily Incident Reports
Security—Wofford College Public Safety Security/Safety Audit
Spartanburg Methodist College
Spartanburg School District Seven
Student Activities
Student Life Task Force
Summer Institutes
Summer Programs
Summer School
Teacher Education
Trustees—Finance Committee, 1982-1990
Trustee Correspondence
Trustee Correspondence
Trustee Correspondence
Trustee Correspondence
Wightman Hall
Wye Faculty Seminar
Teacher Education
President’s Discretionary Fund, 1990-1991
Tuition Exchange Program

Box 10
Tuition Issues
Tenure Policy [non-personnel], 1973-1975
Romill Travel
Speaking Engagements
Title IX
Traffic Commission, 1989-2001
Trustees, 1991
Trustees, 1992
Trustees, 1993
The University Club
Who’s Who
Wofford Associates Personal Information
Wofford Club
Wofford History
Wofford Portrait Collection
Y2K (Year 2000 and Computer Scenario)-
Y2K Contingency Planning
Y2K President Lesesne from BGS

Series 3 – Correspondence (2 Boxes)
Box 10
Compliments, U.S. News
Correspondence--- A
Correspondence--- Advocate
Correspondence--- B
Bell South
Bing Crosby Student Loan Fund, 1976
Bonds—Educational Facilities
Boy’s State
Burwell, Ernest

Box 11
Child, William K.
The Citadel
Dill, Bill
DuPont Foundation
Fisher, John W.
Furman University
Ford, Gerald R.
Governor of S.C.
Hardin, Ed.
Hardin, Paul
Helmus, A.J.R,
Hoechst Celenese
John Hollingsworth
Holcombe Room Dedication
Jones, Lewis P.
Leach, Bobby
Lynch, John—Irish Prime Minister
Malone, Tom
Mayfair Lecture Series
Moore, Lucille
Orr, Glenn
Personal Recommendations
Ratliff, Walter
Library gifts
Brookings Institution
Gloria Steinem—1981

Box 12
Black Family
Gosnell Family
Mary Stein—1981
Play submitted by John Merritt
Student-Related [Restricted]
SC Hall of Science & Technology
Swimming Pool
Karla LaVey [The Witch]—1973
Loose Correspondence
National Endowment for the Humanities
National Endowment for the Humanities
Reeves Brothers Inc.
Richardson, Jerry
Roberts, Frank
Milliken, Roger, 1972-1980
Milliken, Roger, 1981-1983
Milliken, Roger, 1984-1985
Milliken, Roger, 1986-1987
Milliken, Roger, 1988-1989
Milliken, Roger, 1990s
Teszler Family
USC-Spartanburg (USC-Upstate)
Wofford, Senator Harris

Series 4 – Athletics (3 Boxes)

Box 13
NAIA, 1979-1988
NCAA Correspondence, 1987-1993
Athletics Correspondence (NCAA), 1994-1997
NCAA, 1997
NCAA Correspondence, 1997
NCAA, 1998-1999
Facilities Planning, 1976-1991
Facilities—Spartanburg High and Snyder Field
Facilities—Stadium Planning
Facilities—Stadium Construction
Facilities—Stadium Construction
Physical Activities Building—Misc.
Physical Activities Building—Correspondence
Humphries, Arthur L. Correspondence
Long-range Planning Committee, 2 folders
Panthers—License Agreement, 1994
Street Closure
Panthers—Planning, 1989-1993

Box 14
NFL Training Camp Contract Survey, June 1994 [Strictly Confidential]
Panthers Related Info.
Panthers Correspondence, 1993
Panthers Correspondence, 1994
Panthers/Wofford Funding, 1994
Peterson, 1970-1974
General, 1974-1975
General, 1976-1978
General, 1980-1984

Box 15
General, 1985
General, 1986-1987
General, 1987-1989
General, 1990-1991
General, 1992-1994
General, 1995-2000
Gilstrap, Richard
Head Coaching Position
Title IX, 1991-1998
Gender Equity Report, 1997
William Stanley Hoole Award
Hall of Fame
Auto-Leasing Policy
Football Search, 1977 [Sasser]
Football Search, 1973-1974 [Satterfield]
Basketball Search, 1977 [Earhardt]
Planning, 1977-1984
Planning, 1985
Planning, 1992-1993
Planning, 1993—Task Force Report
Athletics Conferences, 1980
Conference Research, 1980
New Tennis Courts
Reeves Tennis Center, 1992
Conference Research, 1981-1982
Athletic Conferences, 1983-1988
Conference Research, 1989-1993
Southern Conference—invitation
Southern Conference, 1996-1997
Southern Conference, 1998-1999
Sanctions Against Students
Complaints [Restric
Series 5 – Methodist Church

Box 16
Annual Conference—Relations
Annual Conference—Logistics
Correspondence with Bishop regarding appointments
Annual Reports
Conference Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry
Conference Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry
Conference Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry
Project Equality Audit—1991
General Conference
General Board of Higher Education
General Board of Higher Education
General Board of Higher Education—Survey Materials
N.A.S.C.U.M.C. and C.O.G.E.M.E. visit to campus, 1990
N.A.S.C.U.M.C., 1979-1989
N.A.S.C.U.M.C., 1979-1989
University Senate of the U.M.C.
University Senate of the U.M.C.
University Senate of the U.M.C.

Series 6 – Foundations (3 boxes)
Box 17
Advanced Institutional Development Program Grant Application, 1973
Belk Foundation
Belle Baruch
Burgis Charities
C&S Bank (Includes ATM Lesesne)
J. Bulow Campbell
Danforth Foundation
Charles A. Dana
Daniel, C. E.
Daniel Estate
Day Foundation
Doris Duke
Duke Power
Alton Jones
Eastman Kodak
Equitable Life
Booth Ferris
Ford Foundation
W.R. Grace
Gulf Oil Corporation
William and Flora Hewlett
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Howard Hughes Medical Institute 1993 Grant
Knight Foundation
Knight Foundation
Knight-Joint Wofford-Converse Center for Cultural Diversity
ITT Rayonier Southern Wood
Lilly Foundation
Lee Foundation
Monsanto Foundation

Box 18
MaGee Christian Education Foundation
Mary Black
Mellon 1974-1987
Moore Fund
National Science Foundation
Olin Foundation 1970-1980
Olin Foundation, 1985
Olin Foundation, 1985
Olin Foundation, 1987
Olin Foundation, 1988
Olin Foundation, 1989
Olin Foundation, 1989
Olin Foundation, 1989
Olin Foundation, 1990
Olin Foundation, 1991
Olin Foundation—Contracts
Olin Dedication--Costs
Olin Dedication—Symposium
Olin Dedication—Program
Olin Dedication—Speeches
Olin Dedication—Planning
Olin Dedication—Guest lists
Olin Dedication—RSVP
Olin Dedication—Thank-Yous
Olin Dedication—Pictures
Olin Foundation, 1992
Olin Foundation, 1993-1994
Olin Foundation, 1995
Olin Foundation, 1995
Olin Foundation, 1991-

Box 19
F.W. Olin Building—Scrapbook, 3 folders
Public Welfare Foundation
Reader’s Digest
Self Foundation
Shell Companies
South Carolina Foundation
Surdna Foundation
Sullivan Awards
Sullivan Awards
Sullivan A.S.
J.M. Tull
Leltie Pate Whitehead
Wickware [Legal Matters]
Wickware [minutes---Restricted due to FA info)
Spartanburg County Foundations (Wofford Related)
Spartanburg County Foundations
Grant Applications
Grant Applications

Series 7 – Personal Papers (6 Boxes)

Box 20
Association of American Colleges
Association of Colleges and Universities for International—Intercultural Studies, Inc.
American Council of Education
CAPHE, 1984-1986
CAPHE, 1987-1992
Council of Independent Colleges, 1983-2000
NAICU, 1976-1985
NAICU, 1986-1987
NAICU, 1987-1988
NAICU, 1989-1990
NAICU—Data Sheet, 1991
NAICU, 1992-1993
NAICU, 1985-1986, Chair Board of Directors
NAICU, 1993-2000
Southern University, Conference
Teacher Education Accreditation Council, 1997-1998
Teacher Education Accreditation Council, 1998-1999
Christ School--Board Minutes, 1973-1980
Christ School--Board Minutes, 1981-1986
Christ School—Board of Directors Orientation Material Notebook
Christ School—Board Minutes, 1997-1999

Box 21
SC College Council, 1960-1969
SC College Council, 1970-1976
SC College Council, 1971-1980
SC College Council, 1981-1987
SC College Council, 1987-1988
SC College Council, 1988-1989
SC College Council, 1989-1990
SC College Council, 1990-1991
SC College Council, 1991-1992
SC College Council, 1992
SC College Council, 1991 Report by Gordon Blackwell
SC College Council, Committee on Mission Statements, 1992
SCFIC, 1970-1980
SC Foundation of Independent Colleges, 1986-1987
SC Foundation of Independent Colleges, 1987-1988
SC Foundation of Independent Colleges, 1988-1989
SC Foundation of Independent Colleges, 1989-1990
SC Foundation of Independent Colleges, 1990-1991
SC Foundation of Independent Colleges, 1992-1993
ICUSC--Heap Program
ICUSC, 1993
ICUSC, 1994
ICUSC, 1995
ICUSC, 1996
ICUSC, 1997
ICUSC, 1998
ICUSC—Data, 1998
ICUSC, 1999
ICUSC—Public Policy Committee, 1994-1999

Box 22
Chamber of Commerce—Five Year Business Plan, 1987
Chamber of Commerce—Neville Holcombe Award, 1992
Chamber of Commerce—Visions Committee
Chamber of Commerce—Downtown Blue-Ribbon Committee
Chamber of Commerce, 1987-1988
Chamber of Commerce, 1988-1992
Chamber of Commerce, 1993
Chamber of Commerce, 1994-1995
Chamber of Commerce, 1996
Chamber of Commerce, 1997
Chamber of Commerce, 1998
Chamber of Commerce, 1999
Chamber—Leadership Spartanburg
Chamber—Leadership Spartanburg
Research Authority, SC—Organizational Materials, 1982- 1983
Research Authority, SC, 1982-1984
Research Authority, SC, 1984-1985
Research Authority, SC, 1988-1989
Research Authority, SC, 1990
Research Authority, SC, 1991
Research Authority, SC, 1992
Research Authority, SC, 1993
Research Authority, SC, 1994
Research Authority, SC, 1995
Research Authority, SC, 1996
Archives and History, SC Commission
Ethics Commission Filings
Commission on Higher Education, 1971-1974

Box 23
Commission on Higher Education SC, 1975
Commission on Higher Education, 1978
Commission on Higher Education SC, 1979
Commission on Higher Education—American Management College, 1986-1987
Commission on Higher Education, 1990-1998
Commission on Higher Education SC, 1986-1994
Human Affairs Commission SC
Human Affairs Commission SC
Tri-centennial Commission, SC
Tri-centennial Commission, SC
Tri-centennial Commission, SC
Tri-centennial Commission, SC
Tri-centennial Commission, SC
Tri-centennial Commission, SC
Tri-centennial Commission, SC
Tri-centennial Commission, SC
Tuition Grants Commission, 1969-1971
Tuition Grants Commission, 1972-1973
Tuition Grants Commission, 1973-1974
Tuition Grants Commission, 1974
Tuition Grants Commission, 1975
Tuition Grants
Tuition Grants Commission, 1976
Tuition Grants Commission—Audits and Annual Reports, 1973-1979

Box 24
Tuition Grants Commission, 1977
Tuition Grants Commission, 1978-1979
Tuition Grants Commission, 1980-1981
Tuition Grants, 1981
Tuition Grants, 1982-1984
Tuition Grants, 1985-1986
Tuition Grants, 1986-1987
SCTG—Angela Shiflet, 12/22/1988
Tuition Grants, 1988-1989
Tuition Grants Commission, 1990-1991
Tuition Grants, 1992
Tuition Grants, 1992
Tuition Grants, 1993
Tuition Grants, 1994
Tuition Grants Commission, 1995-1996
Tuition Grants Commission, 1996-1997
Tuition Grants, 1997-2000

Box 25
Air University Board of Visitors
Camperdown Academy
Friends of Joe Lesesne for Congress
Governor’s School for Science and Math Foundation
Governor’s Summit on Higher Ed., 1992
Habitat for Humanity—Spartanburg Chapter
S.C. Hall of Fame
S.C. Hall of Honor in Education
Historical Society, SC
Hodges Transition Team
Institute for Educational Management
Museum of American Textile—History
National Guard, SC
Nations Bank/ C&S Board
Nations Bank/ C&S Bank Board
Civic—Piedmont Opportunities, Industrialization Center
Revolutionary War Project
S.C. Historical Assn.
S.C. Historical Assn.
S.C. Law Institute---Lobbying Study Committee, 1990
Southern Growth Politics Board
Spartanburg Bicentennial Committee, 1975-1976
Spartanburg County Foundation [administrative]
Spartanburg County Library Campaign
Student Loan Corporation
United Way
United Way of the Piedmont
United Way of the Piedmont
Urban League of the Upstate
Urban League of the Upstate
Young Presidents Organization, 1972-1987