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Walter Kirkland Greene Papers  

Greene, Walter Kirkland, 1884-1961 
    Papers, 1942-1951 
    Record Group 205 
    6 cubic feet, in 6 boxes

Biographical note:  The fifth president of Wofford College, Walter Kirkland Greene has, to date, been the only alumnus to serve as president of the college.  Born in Greenwood in 1884, Greene graduated from Wofford in 1903, where he played on a championship baseball team.  Taking graduate degrees at Vanderbilt before going on to earn a PhD at Harvard, Greene spent much of his career at Duke University, where he was dean under William Preston Few, also a Wofford graduate.  An English professor as well as dean of undergraduate instruction, Greene would have been close to his old professor, Henry Nelson Snyder, and when Snyder retired in 1942 after a forty year presidency, Greene was called to succeed him.  Greene’s presidency was not especially long, and it was complicated by war, by the postwar boom of students attending on the G. I. Bill, and by the need for facility and faculty growth.  His presidency is remembered for athletic success, but also for controversy relating to Methodist deliberation on the future of Methodist higher education in the state.  During his tenure, church leaders were making plans to merge the state’s Methodist colleges onto one campus, but instead, they took a half-step and put both Wofford and Columbia Colleges under one administration.  Greene served as president of both colleges for about two years.  The plan was abandoned early in 1951, and Greene finished his tenure as Wofford’s president later that year.  After retirement, he moved to live in Ashland, Virginia with his daughter, where he died in 1961. 

Organization note: The papers are arranged into 5 series, biographical; Methodist Church; Administrative; Athletics; and Correspondence. 

Access note: Unrestricted

Summary note:  The Administrative series makes up the bulk of the papers, and includes his correspondence with officers on campus, with students, and in general, contains the files maintained by his office.  The correspondence series consists of letters he exchanged with individuals in higher education circles, with some faculty, and with members of the community.  The Methodist Church files include correspondence with and memos from church agencies.  Athletics consists of files relating to sports, sports facilities and fundraising, and attempts to form athletic conferences.  The biographical series consists of articles and clippings about Dr. Greene. 

Citation:  Cite as: Papers of Walter Kirkland Greene, Archives, Sandor Teszler Library, Wofford College

Location:  Archives, Sandor Teszler Library, Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC 29303

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Administrative notes:  Processed July 2008 by Phillip Stone and Phillip Mullinnix.  Processing refined in July 2011.  

Box and Folder Listing:

Box 1—Biographical, Methodist, and Administrative Papers

Series 1 - biographical

Bio-Articles, Letters by

Bio-News Articles


Series 2 – Methodist Church

Methodist-Association of Methodist Colleges

Methodist-Commission on Rules and Organization-General Conference, 1952

Methodist-Consolidation Plan for Wofford College

Methodist-General Board of Education 1942-1944

Methodist-General Board of Education 1945-1946

Methodist-General Board of Education 1950-1951

Methodist-General Conference 1947-


Methodist-Jurisdictional Council 1941-1951

Methodist-National Methodist Scholarships, 1948-1949

Methodist-SC Annual Conference

Methodist-SC Conference (General)

Methodist-SC Methodist Advocate

Methodist-SC Methodist College Foundation

Methodist-SC Methodist College Foundation (Administration)

Methodist-SC Methodist College Foundation (Director)

Methodist-Upper SC Conference

Methodist-Upper SC Conference—Board of Education


Series 3- Administrative Papers

Academic Scholarships, 1945-1951

Biology Department

Administration Building

Admissions, 1947-

Alumni Association

Alumni Association, 1946-1947

Alumni Association, 1948-1950


Box 2—Administrative Papers (continued)

Alumni Council 1946-

American Council on Education


Association of American Colleges

Army Air Corps

Army Air Corps-Training Unit

Army Reserve Training Program

Audit, 1951


Board of Trustees, 1948

Board of Trustees, 1949-1950

Board of Trustees, 1950-1951

Board of Trustees, Executive Committee

Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, 1948-1949

Board of Trustees, Local Committee

Budget, 1942-1943

Budget, 1949-1950

Budget, 1950-1951

By-Laws of Wofford and Columbia Colleges

Chamber of Commerce


Campus Landscape Program

Carlisle Hall Cafeteria

Carnegie Foundation

Certificate of Honor Letters

Chapel Inquiry, 1947

Chapel Portraits

Chapman Family

Chester C. Herbert Fund

Civil Aeronautics Administration

Class of 1895

Class of 1909
Columbia-Wofford Million Dollar Campaign Fund, 1948-1951

Commencement 1943

Commencement 1944

Commencement 1945

Commencement 1946

Commencement 1947

Commencement 1948

Commencement 1949

Commencement 1950

Commencement 1951

Committee for the Improvement of Exams, 1948


Committees 1950-1951


Dance Rules Inquiries

Diploma Information

Discipline Committee

Engagements [1]

Engagements [2]

Expansion Account, 1948-1949

Expansion Account, 1949-1950

Expansion Account, 1950-1951


Box 3—Administrative Papers (continued)

Expansion Account-Undesignated Funds

Expansion Program


Faculty Retirement Plan

Faculty Salaries

Faculty-Spanish Teachers

Federal Works Agency

Field House Project

Financial Campaign, 1949

Flight Record


General Education Board Foundation

Glee Club

Gifts, 1947-1948

Government Contracts---Civil Aeronautics Administration

Honorary Degrees 1942-1950 [1]

Honorary Degrees 1942-1950 [2]

Honorary Degrees, 1950-1951



Insurance Contracts (Athletics)

Kresge Foundation

Letters Concerning Professor Nesbitt



Literary Societies

Living Endowment [1]

Living Endowment [2]


Main Building

Memorial Auditorium

Military—Korea (1950-1951)

Newsletter, 1944-1945

New Dormitory-Furniture

New Dormitory Project


Box 4 Administrative Papers (continued)

Phi Beta Kappa

Postwar Planning

Publications Board

Public Relations and Alumni Affairs



Purchases Approved


Recommendations [1]

Recommendations [2]

Reeves’ Foundation




ROTC 1942-1945

ROTC 1946-1947

ROTC 1948-1951

Rotary Club

Rules and Regulations of the College

Scheerer, William Woodrow

Science Annex

Science Hall

Senior Class (Duke)

Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Address (1929)

Snyder Hall

Social Security

S.C. Association of Colleges

S.C. College Conference

S.C. Department of Education

S.C. Tax Commission—Beer Permit, 1950

Southern Association of American Colleges—General

Southern Association of American Colleges

Southern Association of Schools and Colleges-1938-1939

Southern Association of Schools and Colleges-1939-1940

Southern Association of Schools and Colleges-1940-1941

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools

Southern Association of Colleges-Work Conferences

Southern University Conference


Student Affairs

Student Council

Student Christian Association

Student Social Life Committee

Surplus Property



United Nations Committee

U.S. Office of Education

Veteran’s Administration


Box 5 Administrative Papers, Correspondence, Athletics

Administrative Papers (continued)

War Matters

Wofford Day

Wofford and the Federal Government

Wofford of Tomorrow-1945 [1]

Wofford of Tomorrow-1945 [2]

Wofford of Tomorrow, 1946-1947

World War II—Campus Management


Series 4—Athletics

Athletic Association Equipment 1946-1947


Intercollegiate Athletics


Scholarship Applications 1947-1948

Scholarship Applications 1948-1950

Scholarships Awarded 1947-1948

Scholarship Fund 1946-1947

Scholarship Fund 1947-1948

Scholarship Fund 1949-1950

Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association

Athletics Studies


Series 5—Correspondence



Ariail, W.G.

Blake, Louise H.

Bob Jones University

Brown, Francis

Brown, Walter

Bryson, Joseph R.

Cannon, B.M.

Central Council of Baltic Students in Germany

Central Methodist

Chiles, James A.

Coates, K.D.

Condolence Letters-WWII

Colleges and Universities

Cox, Major Leroy H.

Cunningham, J.R.


Box 6—Correspondence (continued)

Davis, J.K.

Dibble, Fred W.

Dulles, John Foster

DuPre, A.M.

Dunlap, Lonnie L.




Ford, William H.


Garber, Paul N.



Gravatt, John J.

Graves, John Temple

Graves, S.R.

Guilds, J.C.

Gunter, A.L.

Gwathney, E.M.

Hamer, L.D.

Hardin, Grady

Hardin, Paul, Jr.

Harmon, Nolan B.

Harrell, Bishop Costen J.

Harris, John W.

Helms, Inez

Herbert, Bryce

Herbert, T.W.

Honorary Degrees

Humphries, C.H.


Jeffries, R.M.

Johnston, Olin D.

King, Carl H.

Kingman, H. Lester


Law, John A.

Lawton, Bob

Leavitt, Sturgis E.

Lever, Dr. O.W.


McGregor, David

Maybank, Burnet R.



Mobley, Walter F.

Mount Union College

Neely, Anne E.

Newberry College

Norton, C.C.

Owsley, W.B.


Petoskey, F.C.

Price, Wilson

Promotion Program

Pugh, William L.


Shockley, Hugh T.

Sims, Henry R.

Sims, Hugo

Smith, Charles E.

Smithyman, Harold S.


Stanbury, Dr. Walter

Student Affairs

Suggs, W. Kenneth


Tenis, LeGrand

Thomas, Morrell

Thurmond, Strom

Trawick, A.M

Walker, C.B

Wallace, D.D

Wannamaker, George W.

Wannamaker, W.H.

Watkins, Dr. Roy E.

Williams, Ransome

Woodward, Dorothy

Wright, L.S.