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Records of the Office of Admissions

Wofford College.  Office of Admissions. 
Records, 1944-2008
Record Group 701
3 cubic feet, in 3 boxes

Historical Note: The Office of Admissions is responsible for the recruitment and admission of new students to Wofford College, and works closely with the Financial Aid Office.

Organization: The records consist of six series: Admissions Reports and Memoranda; Admissions Publications; Admissions clippings and ephemera; Wofford Scholars Program; King Teen Scholars Program; Enrollment Statistics

Access: Unrestricted

Summary: The records of the office include publications such as bulletins and admissions viewbooks, pamphlets and brochures about the campus, and reports, memoranda and newspaper clippings about admissions office activities. The material also includes a number of studies about recruiting and admissions policies and scholarship information. The final series includes information about recruiting each class from 1955 to 1995, including the class profile, the number of students who enrolled, and other information about each entering class. The records do not include individual admission files.

Cite As: Records of the Wofford College Admissions Office

Location: Archives, Sandor Teszler Library, Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC 29303-3663

Related Materials: Records of the Financial Aid Office, Records of the Vice President for Evaluation, Planning, and Marketing

Administrative Notes: Materials collected in archives and received by transfer from Admissions Office. Most recent addition arranged and described in December 2008 by Phillip Stone.

Finding Aid: Folder listing

Box and Folder Listing
Box 1
Series 1
Admissions Office Administrative Series
Admissions Staff
Admissions Memoranda
Admissions Reports
Admissions Enrollment Statistics and Clippings
Admissions Entrance Requirements
Women at Wofford
Report of Admissions and Enrollment Audit, 1996
Special Admissions Bulletin
G. I. Bill Bulletin
Alumni Admissions Handbook, 1985
Admissions Hospitality Programs
Conference for Guidance Counselors, 1989

Series 2
Clipping Files
Admissions clippings
Financial Aid Clippings
Rankings Clippings

Series 3
King Teen Scholarship Program
King Teen Winners, 1949-1974
King Teen Program, 1949
King Teen Program, 1950-51
King Teen Program, 1952
King Teen Program, 1953
King Teen Program, 1954
King Teen Program, 1955
King Teen Program, 1956
King Teen Program, 1957
King Teen Program, 1958
King Teen Program, 1959
King Teen Program, 1960
King Teen Program, 1961
King Teen Program, 1962
King Teen Program, 1963
King Teen Program, 1964
King Teen Program, 1965
King Teen Program, 1966
King Teen Program, 1967
King Teen Program, 1968
King Teen Program, 1969
King Teen Program, 1970
King Teen Program, 1971
King Teen Program, 1972
King Teen Program, 1973
King Teen Program, 1974
King Teen Program, 1974, Publicity
King Teen Program, 1974, Photos
King Teen Program, 1974, Speeches
King Teen Program, 1974, Silver Anniversary
King Teen Program, 1975
King Teen Program, 1976
King Teen Program, Programs and Flyers
King Teen Program, Pictures

Box 2
Series 4
Wofford Scholar’s Program
Wofford Scholars Program
Scholars Clipping File
Wofford Scholars, 1982
Individual Named Scholarship Files
George C. S. Adams
Charles E. Cauthen
Charles E. Daniel
Dean’s Scholarship
Walter Demopoulos
Graduate Scholarships
A. J. R. Helmus
W. Ray Leonard
Katie E. Lester
W. Hastings McAlister
National Methodist
John E. Peurifoy
Palmetto Fellows
Pleasure Fund (Class of 1939)
Springs Medical Scholar
Student Scholarships
Anna Todd Wofford Scholarship
Anna Todd Wofford Scholars, Inaugural Year, 1973
Anna Todd Wofford Scholars, 1974
Benjamin Wofford Scholars

Series 5
Admissions Publications
Brochures, late 1950s
Brochures, 1960s
Brochures, Edu-Action
Brochures, 1970s
Brochures, 1980s
Brochures, 1990s
Brochures, Co-Op
Brochures, The Commuting Student at Wofford
Brochures, The Best of Both Worlds [Wofford-Converse]
Brochures, Is the Grass Really Greener [Spartanburg Students]
Brochures, Wofford is Possible
Brochures, Academic Departments, late 1970s
Brochures, Academic Departments, late 1980s
Brochures, The Georgia Connection
Brochures, The North Carolina Connection
Brochures, assorted
Admissions folder, 1975
Bulletins, 1944-49
Bulletin, 1950
Bulletin, 1951
Bulletin, 1952
Bulletin, 1953
Bulletin, 1954
Bulletin, 1955
Bulletin, 1956
Bulletin, 1957
Bulletin, 1960-61
Viewbook, 1975-76
Viewbook, 1977-78
Viewbook, 1980-81
Viewbook, 1981-82
Viewbook, 1982-83
Viewbook, 1983-84
Viewbook, 1984-85
Viewbook, 1985-86
Viewbook, 1986-87
Viewbook, 1987-88
Viewbook, 1988-89
Viewbook, 1989-90
Viewbook, 1990-91
Viewbook, 1991-92
Viewbook, 1992-93
Viewbook, 1993-94
Viewbook, 1994-95
Viewbook, 1995-96
Viewbook, 1999-2000
Viewbook, 2000-2001
The Wofford Way

Box 3
Series 6
New Student Statistics, 1955-1995, arranged in folders by year.

Recruiting Students for Wofford College, 1987
Recruiting Students for Wofford College, 1990
Recruiting Students for Wofford College, 1991
Enrollment Management Study, 1993