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Deans of Students

The office of Dean of Students at Wofford is a post-World War II creation.  Before World War II, many of the duties relating to student life, discipline, housing, and health were handled either by the dean - there was only one - or by another officer of the college.

W. Raymond Bourne W. Raymond Bourne
William Raymond Bourne, Dean of Students, 1946-1948. Dean Bourne graduated from Wofford College in 1923 and obtained a master’s degree at the University of North Carolina. Teaching English, German, and French, Dean Bourne was professor of modern languages for over 40 years and also became the Wofford’s first Dean of Students.
Bernard M Cannon Bernard M. Cannon Bernard “Bunny” Moffett Cannon, Dean of Students, 1948-1950. Dean Cannon was a member of the first class of students elected to Phi Beta Kappa chapter at Wofford and graduated in 1941. After serving in the U.S. Army during World War II, he earned his doctorate from Harvard University and studied voice at the New England Conservatory of Music. Dean Cannon was also associate professor of sociology at Wofford and served as director of public relations of Converse College.
PS Covington Philip S. S. Covington
Philip Stanhope Sheffield Covington, Dean of Students, 1950-1953; Dean of the College, 1953-1969; Acting President 1957-1958. Dean Covington practiced law and taught in public schools for several years before coming to Wofford in 1947 as an associate professor of English. He later became Dean of Students, Dean of the College, and acting president. After retiring from his position as Dean of the College, he continued to teach as a professor of English until his retirement in 1976. Dean Covington graduated from Emory University in1934, earned his master’s degree from Duke University, and later received an honorary doctor of literature degree from Wofford College in 1959. He was a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Blue Key, Sigma Chi, and Sigma Delta Psi.
RA Brent Robert A. Brent
Robert A. Brent, Dean of Students, 1953-1956. Dean Brent graduated from Gettysburg College in 1943 and earned his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Virginia. He also served as a captain with Army Intelligence during World War II. After teaching history and government at Mississippi State College, Dean Brent came to Wofford in 1953 to serve as Dean of Students until 1956 when became a full-time professor of history and government. Dean Brent left Wofford College in 1958 to take a position at Mississippi Southern College
S. Francis Logan S. Francis Logan
Samuel Francis Logan, Dean of Students, 1956-1969; Registrar, 1947-1956; Director of Admissions, 1953-1957, 1969-71; Dean of Admissions, 1971-1977; Director of Alumni Affairs, 1975-1977; associate professor of history, 1955-1968. Dean Logan graduated from Wofford College and was a member of the first group of students elected to Phi Beta Kappa in 1941. He enlisted in the Coast Guard in 1942 and later earned his master’s degree from Duke University. Dean Logan held several positions in admissions and student affairs, often simultaneously, throughout his 33 years of service to Wofford College and retired in 1980.
 Donald J. Welch Donald J. Welch
Donald J. Welch, Dean of Students, 1969-1973; Campus Minister and College Counselor, 1973-1980. Dean Welch, a graduate of Union College in Kentucky and Duke Divinity School, left his position as Assistant Dean of Duke Divinity School to become Dean of Students at Wofford in 1969. He had previously served as Chaplain and Dean of Students at Union College and as a Methodist minister in Kentucky. In 1973 Dean Welch switched roles to become the College Counselor and Campus Minister while also teaching religion courses intermittently. Dean Welch left Wofford in 1980 to become the president of Scarritt College in Nashville Tennessee.
J. Michael Preston J. Michael Preston
John Michael Preston, Dean of Students, 1973-1995; Vice President for Student Affairs, 1978-1995, Assistant Director of Admissions, 1968-1971; Assistant Dean of Admissions, 1971-1972; Director of Capital Resources, 1972-1973. After graduating from Wofford College in 1963, Dean Preston became Assistant Headmaster at Blue Ridge School in North Carolina. In 1968, Dean Preston came to Wofford to serve as Assistant Director of Admissions and held other administrative positions before being appointed as Dean of Students in 1973.
Roberta Hurley Bigger Roberta Hurley Bigger
Roberta Hurley Bigger, Dean of Students, 1995-present; Assistant Director of Admissions, 1985-88; Associate Director of Admissions, 1988-1990; Assistant to the President, 1990-1995. Dean Bigger was one of the first women to attend Wofford College in the late 1970s and graduated in 1981. She earned a master’s degree in higher education administration from the University of South Carolina and graduated from the Harvard University Management Development Program. Dean Bigger served as an admissions counselor after graduation, then became an assistant director of admissions in 1985 and later served as assistant to Wofford president Joab M. Lesesne Jr. In 1995, Dean Bigger was appointed as dean of students and became the first woman to hold this position at Wofford.