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The Charles J. Bradshaw Award

The Charles J. Bradshaw Award is presented to a senior varsity athlete whose academic, leadership, and citizenship contributions at Wofford College best typify the ideals and contributions of Charles J. Bradshaw, student body president in the class of 1959, whose example as parent, churchman, public-spirited citizen, and practitioner of the American business system has brought honor to his alma mater. This award is only given in years in which there is a deserving recipient.

1978- Chris Cowan, Football
1980- Pat Batten, Football
1981- Ronnie Andrews, Football
1983- Tim Renfrow, Football/Baseball
1985- Robert Mickle, Basketball
1990- Judy Nwajiaku, Women's Basketball/Volleyball
1992- Greg O'Dell, Basketball
1993- Brad Painter, Basketball
1996- Louise Maynard, Women's Tennis
1997- Courtney Howe, Volleyball
1998- Greg Fleming, Soccer
1999- Eric Cole, Football
2000- Kristian Gusmer, Cross Country/Track
2001- Brian Bodor, Football
2002- Ben Foster, Football
2003- Faith Stewart, Women's Soccer
2007- John Brandt, Baseball
2011- Noah Dahlman, Basketball
2012- Brad Loesing, Basketball
2013- Eric Breitenstein, Football
2017- David Marvin, Football