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The National Alumni Association Distinguished Citizen Award

The Distinguished Citizen Award is presented to a non-alumnus of Wofford College who, in the judgment of the Alumni Executive Council, has served a distinguished career and has contributed extraordinary service to humanity reflecting honor upon both the recipient and Wofford College.

1955 L. Perrin Smith
        Wyndham S. Clark
1956 Joe Edens
1966 Clarence C. Norton
1967 Frederick B. Dent
1968 Joseph G. McCracken
1969 Broadus Littlejohn
1970 Donald Russell
1971 Walter Demopoulos
1972 Walter S. Montgomery
1973 Vera D. Parsons
1974 Roger Milliken
1976 Conley T. Snidow
        Adelaide W. Snidow
1977 Philip A. Buchheit
1978 Buck Mickel
        Lachlan Hyatt
1979 No Award Given
1980 Charles C. Boone
1981 No Award Given
1982 The Marshall Tucker Band
1983 A. Foster McKissick
1984 W.F. Loggins
        Alice N. Loggins
1985 Jesse B. Davis
1986 John H. Lumpkin Sr.
1987 Thomas A. Evins
1988 Carlos DuPré Moseley
1989 F.W. Olin Foundation Inc.
1990 Robert V. Royall Jr.
1991 Currie B. Spivey
1992 Strom Thurmond
1993 Jack E. Bresenham
1994 John W. Fisher
1995 Robert V. Pinson
1996 Elizabeth J. Patterson
1997 Hugh C. Lane Jr.
1998 Keith E. Laws
1999 H. Donald Dobbs
        W. Ray Leonard
2000 James E. Talley
2001 James O. Harmon
        Ron G. Smith
2002 Alex Evins
        Jennifer Evins
2003 Michael A. Dirr
        Richard C. "Rick Webel
2004 Tad Brown
2005 Hub City Writers Project
2006 Hayne Hipp
2007 William Barnet III
2008 Stewart Winslow
2009 The Montgomery Family
2010 Kirk H. Neely