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Honor Code

All students who attend the Language Academy @ Wofford agree to abide by the Honor Code of the program, which is as follows:

I understand that the Language Academy @ Wofford seeks to strengthen the wellbeing and language proficiency of its students. I understand that Language Academy @ Wofford students are expected to be honest, trustworthy, respectful of others and remain in their target language during the prescribed times. Further, I understand that adhering to these expectations enhances our learning and wellbeing, and creates trust among members of our academy community.

I have read and understand the provisions of the Language Academy @ Wofford Student Guide governing academic and residential standards of behavior. I understand that these standards reflect good judgment and character, promote the integrity of the academic program, and increase the value of my experience and the experience of others at the academy.

As a sign of my membership in the Language Academy @ Wofford community and of my allegiance to its principle of honor, I promise the faculty and my fellow students that I will abide by this Honor Code.