Hear From Us!

Our sisters try to put in to words what they most enjoy about Kappa Delta and how they knew Kappa Delta was for them. 


I pledged KD because…: 


Of the girls in the sorority and what each and every one of them stands for. When going through rush, I wasn’t looking for the prettiest, most athletic, or highest grades. I was looking for the ones who welcomed me most and who I felt that I could truly be a sister of. –Julia Cauthen ‘14


I felt a sense of confidence, love, and happiness that I did not feel in the other sororities. Everyone was nice but no one felt fake. They seemed to represent everything I want to stand for –Neely Bailey ‘12


I felt most comfortable in Kappa Deltas. The girls were easy to relate to and I felt that each member of Kappa Delta shared characteristics that I want to have during my time at Wofford.  The girls of Kappa Delta made my rush experience enjoyable because they were welcoming and were interested in actually getting to know me. I felt comfortable around the girls of Kappa Delta.   –Elizabeth Monroe ‘14


I found that Kappa Deltas were the most genuine and sincere girls, who truly cared about getting to know me and wanting me to be a part of their special group. –Martha Walker ‘12 


Kappa Delta understands that my LIFE is not Kappa Delta. That I have other things going on that they support and help me out with. I really felt like Kappa Deltas were “real.” When they say they want to be your friend/ sister they really mean it.  –Amanda Saca ‘12


I knew that it was the perfect fit for me. All my time with the older girls, and girls in my pledge class made me even more confident that this was the perfect sorority for me. –Lillie Minor ‘14


To me Kappa Delta is: 


A close-knit group of friends who share much of their college experience with each other and are committed to bettering one another by aiding in the growth of each of its members and holding its members to a high standard. -Anne Griffin Patterson ‘12


An exceptional sorority. It’s exactly what I though it would be. It’s full of classy ladies who strive to do their best in academics but still know how to have a good time! –Florence Snyder ‘13


more than just a sorority of girls.  To me, it is a lifetime of friendship with girls who share my same values and are always willing to be there for me whenever I need them. – Dominique Cox ‘12


A sisterhood in which no one is a stranger, and everyone likes to have a good time. –Anna Pritchard ‘14


90 of my best friends.  It’s more than just a sorority, it is a group of girls who I know I can count on for anything. – Charlotte Gantt ‘12


A collection of my favorite people at Wofford. It is a system of support for whenever I need it, and also a source of fun, it’s the people I have the time of my life with. –Morgan Amick ‘13 


Not some cheesy sisterhood, but a group of girls who are all true friends and enjoy spending time together, inside and outside of Kappa Delta–Kate Connor ‘12