Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation

What Is the Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation?

Created by Thetas, for Thetas, the Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation is dedicated to providing programming to help our Theta sisters achieve their personal and professional dreams. The Foundation puts our Fraternity “ideals into action” by helping individuals realize their fullest potential through rehabilitation, education and involvement. The Kappa Alpha Theta foundations offers Scholarships, Grants, and The Friendship Fund for sisters in need. The Foundation is separate and independent of Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity.

What are Some Examples of How Foundation Programs are Put to Use?

"Lindsay was not only our babysitter but also is a Theta sister. An orphan with siblings far away, Lindsay was diagnosed with Hodgkins. I wished I could alleviate some of Lindsay's concerns about how a 23-year-old doctoral student without surviving parents and no current job would be able to pay for her cancer treatments. That is where the Friendship Fund came in! Within days of sending the application, I received notice that Lindsay would be awarded a full Foundation Friendship Fund grant. For the first time since she was diagnosed, I heard Lindsay sound truly relieved--she was so grateful that it made me cry. I am happy to report that Lindsay is now cancer-free!"

"Going to Kenya and Uganda was life changing. I want to thank the Foundation for their wonderful support in this project. They made this trip possible for me, and helped make fresh water in Africa a reality." -Breann

With her belief in the Urgency of the world's water crisis, Breann applied for a Foundation grant to put her passion and skills as a hydrologist to work in Africa. Breann helped the people of Kenya and Uganda drill for fresh water - a resource which is hard to find in rural Africa and even more difficult to collect. Upon completion of the trip, Breann's team had drilled two wells, bringing welcom fresh water to the villagers.

How does our chapter get involved?

Our Chapter is currently participating in the Theta Foundation Pansy Patch fundraiser. Purchasing a $5 pansy in honor of a sister goes towards collecting money for the foundation's programs. Last year, the Pansy Patch Program raised $42,000 for Foundation programs. Districts of Theta chapters around the nation are competing to see who can raise the most money. Of the nine districts of Kappa Alpha Theta, our district is currently winning!

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