Why Did I Join Theta?

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"I wanted to be part of such a great group of girls who had their priorities in order but were still able to have fun!  Scholarship and service have always been important to me.  I felt as though I could add something to Theta and it could help me grow, too!" -Megan Jones

"I wanted to have a close group of friends, especially since I am an only child. I also wanted to create lasting friendships for after college and to have a support group." -Ari Martin

"The girls are sincere, real, loving people that do their best to uplift their sisters." -Elis Sidden

"I felt comfortable with all the girls, and I liked the strong academic background Theta had to offer." - Sarah Assemany

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"During rush I felt most comfortable with the Theta girls; I also liked that the girls in Theta were involved in so many different organizations on campus." -Caroline Geiser

"I understood that Theta is a sisterhood that values its members and pushes them to grow in all aspects of life." -Elizabeth Ramsey

"I joined because I saw the best potential for me to grow. These sisters were going to push me to be better, to become more confident, and to take on responsibility. I wanted the challenge, but I never realized how much more came with it until the beginning of my sophomore year. What was originally a group of friends turned into my family, my foundation, and sometimes the only sane part of my life. My sisters have truly become integral parts of my life because of their support, their challenges, and their high expectations of me." -Lizzie Lambert

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"My sister was a Theta at Wofford. The sisters of KAθ are genuine and every sister is unique in her own way. There is a bond between the sisters of KAθ that cannot be explained." -Sarah Collins

"I wanted to become part of a close group and to make lifelong friendships. I also knew about the service that Theta does for the community and I wanted to be part of that." -Ashlee Price

"I felt at home in Theta from the first night of Recruitment! I also really respected Theta's philanthropy, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) and I wanted to be a part of a group of sisters who raise money for such an important and meaningful cause." -Ashlee Moody

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