3 female students in Burwell

Judicial System Members
2015-2016 Academic Year

The Wofford College Judicial Commission

Alex Vary, Chair
Brian Anderson, Vice-Chair
Cole Shannon, Clerk
Jordan Bolds-Lockwood
Phillip Habib
Harry Hanna
Jennifer Karl
Jessica LeGrand
Patrick Longest
Rod McCants
Maya Ward

Dean of Students
Roberta Bigger
Office: 864-597-4044

Please know that as written in the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities, the Dean of Students serves in the absence of the College’s student attorney general or student advocate.

The Wofford College Honor Council

Rebecca Brown, Chair
Catherine Miller, Vice Chair
Edward Able
Austin Bergstrom
Kaitlyn Cockroft
Kirkland Dickson
William Grieves
Brody Hingst
Leah Hunter
Joe Nelson
Jayce O'Sheilds
Maggie Stroud
Alex Thompson
William Thurner