3 female students in Burwell

Wofford College
Honor Council Application

Deadline: Sunday, April 9th at 11:59 pm

Last Name
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Preferred Name
Current Class at Wofford  
Major 1
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Cumulative GPA
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1- Have you ever been found in violation of an academic honor code at Wofford or any other institution? 
If yes, please explain this violation:

2- Have you ever been found in violation of the Wofford College Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities
If yes, please explain this violation:

3- Have you ever been arrested or found guilty in any criminal proceeding? 
If yes, please explain this violation:

4- Please list the organizations at Wofford of which you are member and note any leadership positions that you have or are holding in those organizations:

5- Please list any awards or honors  you have received since graduating from high school.

6- Why do you want to serve on the Wofford College Honor Council?

7- Members of the Honor Council serve as prosecutors, student advocates, and judges for students violating our Honor Code. How would you serve in these different roles, especially in a case which involved a close peer?

8- Describe in detail a time when you have demonstrated the values of honesty and integrity.

9- What skills/strengths do you possess and how would they enhance your service to the Honor Council?

10- How will you manage your time to be a contributing member of the Honor Council?