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Softball is the final intramural sport of the school year. It is played at the Intramural field and both men's and women's leagues are offered.


Softball Guidelines

• All players will bat, in order…late arrivals go to bottom of order
• Defensive changes can be made every inning
• No cleats allowed [except soccer shoes]
• Bats and gloves are provided, but using your own is permitted
• No bunting, leadoffs, or stealing
• Sliding is strongly discouraged, for safety reasons
• No blocking of any base/plate, at any time
• Pitch height is 3-10 feet, with a strike crossing plate between the back shoulder and knee
• Teams are permitted to play with a minimum of 7 players
• No new inning will start after 30 minutes, normal game pace will be maintained
• If the regular game ends in a tie, only 1 extra inning will be played
• Rainouts will not be made up
• Final standings will be determined by winning percentage

2016 League Champs 

Terrier League - Kappa Alpha

 2016 softball KA

Gold League - Matt Mandiches

2016 softball matt mandiches

Women's League - Kappa Alpha Theta 

2016 softball KAO