Wofford Ultimate Frisbee

3-on-3 Basketball

With the addition of our new outdoor courts, Wofford Intramurals is proud to offer 3-on-3 Basketball Leagues in both the Fall and the Spring.


  • Games played to 7 points
  • First team to win 2 games (best 2 out of 3) wins
  • 3-pointers count as 2 points, 2-pointers count as 1 point
  • Alternating possession (No make-it take-it)
  • On airballs, ball must be taken behind the 3-point line
  • Call your own fouls
  • No backcourt violations
  • Report the results of your game to the intramural supervisor
  • If you cannot make your scheduled game, please tell both the other team's captain and the intramural supervisors by cell phone or text 2 hours prior to scheduled time.