Male Lacrosse Player

Referee Expectations

  1. Consider safety as your top priority
  2. Be decisive and conduct yourself with authority
  3. Blow your whistle like you mean it
  4. Minimize and penalize rough and overly aggressive play
  5. Don’t tolerate disrespect. Don’t be afraid to call a technical
  6. Second technical in a game will result in ejection from that game and the next game
  7. A flagrant foul will result in a technical foul and an ejection
  8. A technical foul will result in 2 free throws and the ball
  9. Call every obvious foul
  10. Protect the shooter
  11. Don’t permit rebounders to go over the back
  12. Balance the court: half-court/baseline and/or one on each sideline
  13. Get up and down the court with the flow of play. Don’t become a statue in one place or you will always be out of position
  14. You can only demand respect by giving respect and a hustling effort
  15. A 1&1 will be awarded after the 7th foul
  16. Two shots will be awarded after the 10th foul
  17. A student director will always be on the timer/scoreboard and will keep track of team fouls
  18. The student director is in charge of each evening
  19. Ref with a positive attitude
  20. Hustle! Hustle! Hustle! Hustle!