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Beyond the City's Northern Border Competition Winners 

VeggiesThis picture, spontaneously taken from a moving vehicle, depicts an ox cart carrying a traditional Sri Lankan vegetable to the Sunday market in a rural province. On the backboard of the cart is written "Safe travels". Photo and caption by Achini Bandara

Beyond the City's Northern Border
is intended to encourage students to consider how their study abroad experience has affected them personally, academically, linguistically, and professionally and how it will continue to do so throughout their college career and their future.  

We also hope to provide an outlet where students can reflect upon their cross-cultural experiences and share their insights with their peers, thereby providing a resource for future study abroad participants. The hope is that this project will encourage participants to interact with their new culture and explain that interaction to the readers and not merely be an observer. 

Prize winners were determined by a panel of faculty and staff judges who looked for works of art that reflect the study abroad experience and that were characterized by significant artistic and academic quality. Of course we hope for original and creative expression that reflects the participant's interaction in their cross-cultural experience. 

Fall 2011 prize winners are:
Amber Bundrick, Legon, Ghana: First Prize, Standard Deviation, journal entry
Erin Morgan, Nantes, France: Second Prize, Camembert Forever, essay
Lauren Barter, Valparaíso, Chile: Third Prize, Carnaval mil tambores, photograph with caption
David Moore, Mainz, Germany: Honorable Mention, Ich sehe es genau. (Vizio)

Fall 2010 prize winners are:
Stephyn Duck, Tokyo, Japan: First Prize, Shinkansen no Hanya/The Train's Midnight, poem with drawing
Jamie Lane, London, England: Second Prize, London vs. The South , essay
Kristina Dukes, Santiago, Dominican Republic: Third Prize, Miss Mary Mack, essay 

Fall 2009 prize winners are:
Annemarieke de Vlaming, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: First Prize, Amsterdam, collage with text
Lily Lucas, Buenos Aires, Argentina: Second Prize, Miradas en la Oscuridad (Theatre for the Blind), documentary
Katherine Rankin, London, England: Third Prize, Piccadilly Line, poem
Thomas Witt, Nepal: Third Prize, Their Story, essay and photo
Fall 2008 prize winners are:
Jessica Miller, Berlin, Germany: First Prize, Fragments of Speech, essay
Chelsea Morgan, Ferrara, Italy: Second Prize, Provo. (I try), essay
Sarah Holler, Cape Town, South Africa: Third Prize, What I Learned from My Love Affair with a Mountain, essay and picture