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Capitol Hill Internship Program

David McCutcheonWofford College is a member of the United Methodist College Washington Consortium which organizes an internship program that offers students an academic experience centered on meaningful internships.

CHIP's experiential learning component sets it apart from similar programs. Program faculty, students, and employers collaborate to tailor internships explicitly to students' interests. With the help of the faculty, students compile a list of educational goals for their internships, which are shared with their employers. This kind of collaboration ensures a truly customized internship built around the goals of individual students. Every week, students meet with program faculty to discuss how these goals are being met. Close contact with faculty will enable students to process their internship experiences.

Participants in the Capitol Hill Internship Program will work four day per week internships and attend a seminar every week. The seminar will be highly focused in order to be relevant to students' internships while providing a broader view of the American political scene.

The Capitol Hill Internship Program allows students to experience the exciting life and culture that is Washington, D.C. Program participants live in the city center within walking distance of many D.C. landmarks. Social events and tours of historical sites and other attractions round out the Washington D.C. internship experience.

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Washington, D.C. is not only the seat of the world's most powerful government, it's also home to countless advocacy and public policy groups, federal agencies, grassroots organizations, private corporations, trade associations, and national nonprofits. These institutions provide a wealth of opportunities for interns in many different fields.

The Capitol Hill Internship Program will help every student admitted to the program find an internship and will make sure internship arrangements are finalized before students arrive in D.C. Because some of the most popular internships are quite competitive, we urge students to apply early.

During the course of the program, the Capitol Hill Internship Program faculty will ensure that students have worthwhile experiences as interns. Program participants spend 4 days per week at their internships. This is more time than other internship programs allow and thus the intensive internship experience enables students to get the most from their internships.

You'll earn 15 credits hours for a semester program, 4 hours of credit for Interim and 6 hours of credit for the summer option.

Social Life
There is a lot of D.C. to experience outside of work or the classroom. Participants in the Washington Internship Program get to know the city and each other through weekly social events and weekend enrichment trips to historical sites, landmarks, and other attractions in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas.

Typical weekly social activities might include trips to Monticello (the home of Thomas Jefferson), Mount Vernon and the Kennedy Center.

CHIP GroupLiving
When it comes to housing, the Capitol Hill Internship Program offers another distinct advantage over other programs: a premiere location. As an intern, you'll live in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in the heart of D.C. within walking distance from the Capitol, the House and Senate offices, the Smithsonian, Union Station, the Capitol South metro stop, the Library of Congress, the Folger Shakespeare Library, and countless restaurants, shops, and markets. You'll have easy access to museums and art galleries, business districts, and many other places where you can experience the exciting, cosmopolitan atmosphere of Washington, D.C.

Housing in the Capitol Hill area is exclusive, which is why most other programs house students in Virginia or in dormitories far from the Capitol area. The Capitol Hill Internship Program offers students a unique opportunity to live in premier housing in the immediate vicinity of the Capitol so close, in fact, that all intern housing is under the protection of the Capitol Hill police force.

Interns will live in high-quality housing and will enjoy a fully furnished living space, twin beds, leisure seating, televisions, phones, dressers, paid utilities and basic cable service. Linens and household goods, including light bulbs, paper towels, dishes and cooking utensils will be provided. All housing features on-site laundry facilities and will be visited by a cleaning service once a month. The housing cost is included in the tuition payment for the program.

Program Highlights

Customized Internships
The Capitol Hill Internship Program will help you secure an exciting internship tailored specifically to your interests.

Experiential Learning
Our program is unique in that the internship is fully integrated with serious course work to provide a complete educational experience. This allows students to put in significant time at their internships. You won't risk being passed over for important projects in favor of interns who work more hours.

Premium Housing
As a program participant, you'll live in exclusive housing in the center of D.C. within walking distance of Capitol Hill.

Exciting evening seminars will complement and round out the internship experience while letting you meet prominent people in a variety of Washington careers.

The Capitol Hill Internship Program is competitively priced.

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