Student in a market abroad

Beyond the City's Northern Border
Study abroad is a wonderful opportunity to travel, meet people, visit new places, and experience a new culture.  We want everyone at Wofford College to know about your wonderful experience. In order to encourage every study abroad student to participate in this project we are establishing a creative competition. Deadline for submission is Monday, October 29, 2012 at 4pm.

The hope is that the submissions will fall into one of three categories named in Esperanto: Vizio, "vision," reflections upon your thoughts and feelings before you left home and how your experience had an impact on your ideas; Vivi kune "living together," entries related to specific experiences and thoughts during your time overseas and interaction with the local culture and language; and Hejme, "at home," reflections upon your return home and how the experience has directly affected you and how you have handled reverse culture shock. For past winners and other entries, please click here. 

 What are the prizes?  

  • First prize $800
  • Second prize $600
  • Third prize $400

What are the goals of the project?  

  • To encourage students to consider how their study abroad experience has affected them personally, academically, linguistically, and professionally and how it will continue to do so throughout their college career and future.  
  • To provide an outlet where students can reflect upon their cross-cultural experiences and share their insights with their peers. 
  • To provide a resource for future study abroad participants.
  • To encourage you to interact with your new culture and explain that interaction to the readers, not merely be an observer. 

What are the criteria for selection?  

  • How well does the work reflect the study abroad experience?
  • Is the work merely an observation or does it reflect the artist's participation in the host culture? 
  • What is the artistic/academic quality of the work?  
  • How original is the work?  
  • Does the work show another perspective or other cultural values? 

What kinds of submissions are accepted? 

  • A short story
  • An essay
  • A journal entry
  • A photograph (with explanation in caption or prose format)
  • A drawing
  • A collage
  • A multimedia event
  • A happening
  • A painting 
  • A song
  • A poem
  • A play
  • An etching

The Rules: 

  • The applicant's name, picture, address or phone number should not appear on the cover, title page, or any other page of the submitted work, such information should only appear on the release form.All submissions must be accompanied by a complete and signed release/application (.pdf) indicating that the contestant understands and agrees with all competition rules. 
  • All contestants must submit a hard copy and an electronic version of all entries.
  • All entries are the property of Wofford College upon submission. No entries will be returned.
  • All submissions must be original works.  
  • Visual pieces must be accompanied with a caption or other explanation to demonstrate the reflection that has taken place.
  • Written works should be no longer than 1000 words.
  • All audio/visual entries should be no longer than 10 minutes.
  • No late entries will be accepted. 
  • Visual works should not depict excessive use of alcohol, violence, sex, or other inappropriate material. Written works should also abide by these standards. 
  • The submission may be in the language of your choice. 
  • The artwork may be in black and white or color. 
  • No participant may submit more than three works. 
  • All submissions are subject to editing for the final publication.