Student Abroad

Ongoing Orientation

Brooksie Heath and Emilie DeTrevilleThe Office of International Programs has an extensive program which assists in students' planning for a term overseas.

Application Notification from Office of International Programs

Shortly after the Office of International Programs completes reviewing all applications, students receive electronic notification of their staus. Students are then prompted to confirm their acceptance and apply for a passport if they have not previously done so.

Visa and Forms
Early in the semester we hold a brief orientation session discussing all items on our pre-departure checklist along with applying for a visa (see below). This session is vital in prioritizing preparations for a term abroad.

How to Get a Visa
Most destinations now require a student visa in order to study in that particular country. This meeting is designed to help you students begin this complicated process. Students also receive support from their programs throughout this period.

Alumni Advising
This session connects prospective study abroad students with current Wofford students that have studied in the same countries or participated in the same program. During Alumni Advising, students can expect to have many of their questions answered by their peers in an informal setting. 

Nuts and Bolts of Study Abroad Orientation
This session covers the basic logistical pieces of studying abroad: managing finances, communicating with family and friends while overseas, what to pack, tips on air travel, etc.

Health and Safety Orientation
This session is devoted to personal health concerns as well as general safety and security issues which students may face overseas. Dean Wallace discusses issues including medical forms, medications and care overseas, physical and mental health issues and what to expect during the transition on-site. We also discuss insurance abroad. In addition, each program provides an on-site orientation with extensive health and safety information specific to each location.

Independent Project Preparation (ongoing)
Those students who plan to major in Government with a Concentration in World Politics or pursue a certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies have found that study abroad is often an ideal springboard to their senior capstoneo. We encourage students in these areas to consider programs that would allow for research or other opportunities that would enrich such a project.

Study Abroad: What to Expect
In this session, we discuss some of the cultural issues of study abroad and the ups and downs of adjusting to a new culture. We talk with students about how to be a global citizen, discuss cultural values, and offer advice on how to better integrate into the local culture.

Study Abroad Guide for Families
The support of parents and families is integral in their son/daughter's successful preparation for a term abroad. During the final pre-departure phase, familes receive a Study Abroad Guide for Families. This handbook touches on financial issues, health and safety, academic culture overseas and the process of adaptation to another culture. Parents have found this guide to be invaluable in their own preparation in this process as well.

Welcome Home Dinner
Shortly after students return from their programs, they are invited to our biannual Welcome Home Dinner. This is an informal gathering at which students share some of their experiences. Faculty and staff are invited to attend this event and have enjoyed hearing how transformative the study abroad experience can be.

Working, Volunteering, and Teaching Abroad
This session provides information to students who want to further their study abroad experience through international opportunities to work, intern, or volunteer abroad after they graduate. Students also receive resources on how to better market their study abroad experience on resumes and graduate school applications as well as how to advice on highlighting skills gained abroad.