Global Ambassadors

The Wofford Global Ambassadors are a select group of students that have been trained to serve as a friendly resource for potential study abroad students and incoming international students. What was your student visa process like? Which housing option did you select while abroad? What's it like being an international student at Wofford? Global Ambassadors love to answer questions about their international experiences - so, feel free to contact them! 

Meet the 2017-18 Global Ambassadors

Kelsey Aylor '18

Majors: Humanities & Spanish

International Experience: IES Abroad, Study in Granada, Fall 2016

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Osborne Brown '18

Major: Economics

International Experience: IES Abroad, European Union, Spring 2017

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Austin Jones '18

Major: Spanish (Latin American & Caribbean Studies) 

International Experiences: CIEE Liberal Arts, Santiago, Dominican Republic, Fall 2016;

CIEE Central European Studies, Prague, Czech Republic, Spring 2016

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Caitlynn Myer '18

Major: Sociology (Africa/African American Studies)

International Experience: Lincoln University, New Zealand, Fall 2016

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Daniela Samaniego-Gonzalez '20

Major: Chemistry

International Experience:International student from Quito, Ecuador

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Goals of the program

Access & Promotion: Global Ambassadors work alongside the Office of International Programs [OIP] to increase participation in study abroad programs by assisting with various office programs and events, such as: Interim Fair, Study Abroad Fair, and other promotional/outreach events.

International Student Support: Global Ambassadors hone their intercultural skills by assisting Wofford's international students with their cultural and social transition to Wofford. 

Peer-Advising: Global Ambassadors advise potential study abroad students in program selection, as well as offer invaluable insights into the day-to-day abroad experience from a student perspective. 

Self-reflection: Global Ambassadors reflect and make meaning of their international experiences through monthly meetings and activities with other Ambassadors and OIP staff. Global Ambassadors also learn how to further articulate their abroad experiences to employers, graduate programs, etc. through professional development opportunities (such as regional conference attendance), and programming through the OIP.


Global Ambassadors are encouraged to attend (and present) at various conferences each semester. During the 2016-17 academic year, Global Ambassadors presented at the following local conferences: Lessons from Abroad: Study Abroad Returnee Conference in Decatur, G.A. and the North Carolina Association of International Educators Annual Conference in High Point, N.C. 

Global Ambassador applications for 2018-19 will be accepted in late Spring 2018.