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Interim 2011 On-Campus Projects  

   Chinese Calligraphy 

"I've always been interested in art, but have no artistic ability. I participated in a great project to learn more about art and create our own interpretation of it. We were not graded on ability, but creativity. It was fascinating how color has an effect on our everyday lives in everyday aspects." -Kelsi Koenig, '08  

The following is a list of on-campus projects available during Interim 2011. Please note that this information is preliminary and is subject to change.

Details including project descriptions are available on myWofford and on the Project Schedule via the Academics page. 


Project Number 


Project Title 

Cost Due to Sponsor
contact sponsor for additional expenses) 


A.K. Anderson  Keep the Devil down in the hole:  Listening carefully to The Wire

$150 (DVD series and two texts)


Katerina Andrews  In Europe: Travels Through the Twentieth Century

$50 for texts and materials


Stefanie Baker / Jameica Byers Hill  The Science of Snagging Scoundrels: Crime Scene Investigation

$75 (lab expesnes)


Kenneth Banks / Charles Smith  Lights! Camera! Cowpens!

$180 (Camera equipment, transportation costs, texts, and misc. expenses)


Elizabeth Cox / Michael Curtis  Writing Short Stories



Christine Dinkins / James Keller  Mancala to Majong and Beyond: The Evolution of the Game 

 $125 (Games, game design elements, and texts)


Mark Ferguson / Colleen Ballance  Pulp Theater Presents Urine Town 



Terry Ferguson   Discovering Your Ancestors: Who Am I - Where Did I Come From?

$350 (DNA tests and online subscriptions)


Shawn Forbes  Darts - Science and Games

$100 (dartboards, darts, and other materials)


Cissy Fowler  Holistic Health

$35 (Speakers and swim center visits)

312 Byron McCane 

Filling in the Blanks: The NY Times Crossword Puzzle 

$100 (subscription for NY Times and other materials)


Gerald Ginocchio  Exploring Vegetarianism: Its Individual, Social, and Ecological Health Benefits

$150 (Food and texts)


Ellen Goldey  Become Certified as an Emergency Medical Technician

$650 (professional instruction and materials)


Karen Goodchild  Class, Gender, and Race in Disney's Magic Kingdom

$60 (texts)


Natalie Grinnell  Functional Beauty: The art and craft of pottery

$365 (Art school tuition, supplies, tours)


Lee Hagglund  Problems, So Many Problems!



Robert Jeffrey  Tolstoy's War and Peace

$20 (to cover cost of text)


Jenny Johnson  Reality TV: The Evolution of a Cultural Phenomenon

$50 (texts and materials)


Ryan Johnson / Buck Bollinger  On Bin Laden's Trail: Terrorism, Homeland Security, and the Threat Matrix

$235 (Travel expenses)


Charles Kay  Bioethics at the Movies

$70 (Texts and video rental costs)


Charlotte Knotts-Zides  Family History, Digital Scrapbooking and Photo Projects 

$190 (Supplies)


Kirsten Krick-Aigner  Knit One Purl Two



Eun-Sun Lee  The Romance of Jewelry

$330 (instructor fee, travel expense, and materials)


Dan Lejeune  My car and me

$100 (Tools and texts)


Rickey Madden  Personal Selling

$150 (Text)


John McArthur  The Progress Paradox

$50 (Texts)


Mike Merriman  Gladiators & Chariot Races in Ancient Rome

$50 (Texts, movies, and other materials)


Steve Michelman  American Popular Music

$75 (Texts)


John Miles  Relaxed Work: Yoga, Philosophy, Healthy Body and Mind 

$250 (Materials)


John Moeller  Living with Dogs

$200 (Transportation costs)


Kris Neely  Self-Taught Artists at Work

$50 (Materials)


Jim Neighbors  Nihon Goshin Aikido: The Art of Self-defense

$350 (Dojo fee and uniform)


Wesley Pech  Woody Allen

$70 (Texts)


Jim Proctor  Cre@ivity @ Play

$125 (Texts and materials)

336 Ramin Radfar  Health and Society 

$150 (Texts, films, and supplies)

339 Christi Sellars / Gary McCraw  Behind the Music(al)

$250 (Performances and travel expenses)

340 Joseph Spivey  Game On: An In-Depth Study of Video Games

$150 (Texts and materials)

341 Natalie Spivey  Living in a Bacterial World

$100 (Lab supplies)

342 Cynthia Suarez  Education 430: Senior Seminar and Field Experience

Cost of fuel for transportation to/from practicum site

343 Dave Sykes  Scratch Your Creative Itch 

$50 (text)

344 Carey Voeller  Notes from Underground: A History of American Punk, 1977-2000 

$15 (text)

345 Steve Zides  Modern Art/Modern Science: The Other Two Cultures 

$200 (Supplies, museum admissions, workshop fees and Hub-Bub fees)

346  Sara Milani   Crossing the Cultural Divide  

$70 (books and supplies) 

347 Julie Sexeny / Deno Trakas  From Script to Screen

$150 (equipment rental, DVDs, props, and other miscellaneous items)

348 Denise Frazier / Kim Rostan  A New Orleans Odyssey: Culture and Creolite 

$100 (reading materials, materials for a New Orleans art project that students will perform for local elementary students)

349 Doug Rayner  Medical Botany

$175 (field trips, speakers, reading materials)

350 Gerald Thurmond  Scat, Tracks, Song and Sign

$200 (books and gas)

351 William DeMars  Jean Bethke Elshtain: Scholar, Woman, Activist, Citizen, Mother

$60 (books)

352 Iliana Villanueva   Thinking Death: Making Life Choices 

 $100 (Films & Books $15, materials for final project $85) 

353 Dan Welch  The Lettering Artist

$98 for calligraphy and supplies

354 Patricia Nuriel  Dance, Dance, Dance... and Sing


355 James Bednar  The Beatles

$90 (texts and CDs)

390 Caleb Arrington / Charlie Bass  Demonstrating Science: Inquiring Minds Want to Know

 $200 (reference books, chemicals & equipment for demonstrations, safety glasses)

391 Laura Barbas-Rhoden  Community of Service 

depends on service site


Allyn Steele / Jessalyn Story   An Introduction to Community Development: Community Change from the Human Perspective $750 (Flight and transportation, food costs, misc. costs) 


David Pittman   Research Projects in the Sciences 

Cost of Research


Tracy Revels 

Research Projects in the Humanities & Social Sciences 

$30 for books plus cost of research