JAN 424: Language & Culture through Study Abroad

Guanajuato This project offers an opportunity for students who would like to explore intensive language study on a study abroad program on a smaller scale or for those who cannot spend a semester abroad because of time constraints. Students in this project can spend Interim in Chile, China, France, or Germany. Through language and culture classes at the host universities the students may have an intensive educational and cultural experience at the language level for which they are prepared, from intermediate to advanced. There will be supervision of Resident Staff throughout the projects. Students will be housed in dorms, with families, in student residences or in family style hotels, and there will be programs of cultural events and excursions. Usually language and culture classes are taught in the morning and early afternoon leaving plenty of time and opportunity for local exploring. This project is graded A-F.

Students must complete a full application to the program. Acceptance by the program and permission of the Wofford coordinator is required for enrollment. A complete online application and non-refundable deposit of $1000 (deposits can be paid online) is required by September 21, 2017. Click here for details.

Valid travel documents are required.

Unless explicitly stated, fees do NOT include travel expenses (airfare and local transportation), some meals and the non-refundable application fee. All prices listed below are tentative and can vary with student enrollment. Fees are subject to change without notice.

The program is located at the University of Viña del Mar in the coastal resort town of Viña, just outside of Valparaíso. Situated on the central coast of Chile, Viña is nicknamed "The Garden City". Wofford students will study Spanish at the Universidad Viña del Mar five mornings a week; they are placed according to an entry interview and grammar quiz, and classes are small and encourage participation. Students take one four-credit course intensively during the four-week program. The Spanish course, offered at an intermediate or advanced level, emphasizes language learning through a critical and constant engagement. Spanish class is held daily for four hours. Housing and meals are included in the program fee. Students will be housed with a Chilean family (one student per family). The host family will provide a private room, all meals, and moderate use of laundry facilities and telephone. The program will offer a number of activities including possibilities for service learning as well as excursions in the area of Viña, including visits to Pablo Neruda's homes. There will also be optional trips available which include the chance to canopy, kayak and play Chilean paintball.  

Eligibility Requirements: Completion of Spanish 102 or above. Permission of instructor. Overall GPA: 2.5 
Dates: January 3 - February 1, 2018
Price: $2,510 (includes instruction, room and board, international insurance) 
Additional Expenses: $2,750 - $3,200 (international airfare, some meals, local transportation, cell phone, personal expenses, passport)
Application: Click here  

This program, sponsored by CET in Beijing, is designed for students who have studied Chinese for at least two semesters and emphasizes the link between inside classroom study and outside language use. All students live with Chinese roommates and abide by a full-time language pledge. This program is an excellent way to "warm up" for a future study abroad semester program. Valid travel documents and successful completion of Chinese 102 are required.

Eligibility Requirements: Completion of Chinese 102 or above. Permission of instructor. Overall GPA: 3.0
Dates: December 29, 2017 - January 28, 2018
Price: $4,500 (includes instruction, double occupancy dormitory room shared with Chinese roommate, assistance and supervision provided by CET's on-site staff, excursions, international insurance).  
Additional Expenses: $2,020 - $2,570 (international airfare, meals, visa, local transportation, personal expenses, passport)
Application: Click here

The setting of this alpine city is what truly makes it unique. For a panoramic view of the city and surrounding mountains, take a ride on the téléphérique, or cable car, that takes you up to the Fort de la Bastille. From there, explore the hiking trails and the Grottes (caves) that were used as defense many centuries ago. With a student population of 50,000, Grenoble is an ideal place to learn French. The slower pace of the city and the friendliness of the inhabitants make it easy to practice the language with locals. The city has several museums, numerous parks and plenty of opportunity for outdoor activity (skiing, hiking, biking). For the avid traveler, Grenoble is an excellent starting point for exploration, being about 3 hours from Paris by train and very close to Switzerland and Italy. This program is designed for intensive language study at all levels. All students will take a comprehensive course that covers writing, oral expression and pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. This program is an excellent way to warm up for a longer semester abroad or to improve French language skills within a short time period.

Eligibility Requirements: No language prerequisite. Permission of instructor. Overall GPA: 2.5 
Dates: January 7 - February 3, 2018
Price: $4,060 (includes instruction, room with a host family with 2 meals/day and laundry, excursions, and international insurance).  
Additional Expenses: $2,405 - $2,755 (international airfare, some meals, local transportation, books and supplies, security deposit, passport, personal expenses)
Application: Click here.  

GERMANY (cities vary; see Intensive 4 list)
Classes meet Monday through Friday and the class size is small. The classroom learning experience can be enhanced by individual study in the media center. Additional culture and leisure programs are included in the formal program of study.

Eligibility Requirements: Completion of German 102 or permission of instructor. Overall GPA: 2.5 
Dates: varies by program
Price: varies by program (includes instruction and room; meals are not included); $110 Risk Management Fee is billed through Wofford and includes international insurance coverage.
Additional Expenses: $3,730 - $4,410 (program fees are paid directly to the Goethe Institut for instruction and housing; international airfare, meals, local transportation, personal expenses, and passport are out-of-pocket expenses) 
Application: Click here