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Interest Information for Interim 2012 

Knitting Interim 2011This year, faculty will make information regarding their Interim offerings available through a variety of methods on Thursday, October 13th from 11-11:40am. Please note that those faculty offering informational sessions will begin each session at 11am and 11:20am. Please check the table below for each sponsor's preferred method of sharing information about his/her project.

Note: These meetings are for informational purposes only and not for enrollment. Registration will take place on myWofford on October 24th for seniors and October 25th-26th for juniors, sophomores, and first-year students.

For more details including project descriptions, please see myWofford. 


Project Number 


Project Title 

Estimated Total Cost 

Where do I learn more? 


A.K. Anderson  Superheroes!

$120 (books)

Main 204


Katerina Andrews  Europe: A Virtual Tour

$25 (books)

Main 303


Caleb Arrington  Caveman Chemistry: An Experimental Exploration of Important Chemical Discoveries

$400 (materials and supplies)

RMSC 308

304 Stefanie Baker / Jameica Hill  The Mystery of Lyle and Louise (An Introduction to Forensic Science)  

$75 (lab supplies)

See website 


Kenneth Banks  How a City Works

$100 (books)

See flyers (Main 101)


Christine Dinkins  Board and Table Games: Their history, culture, and evolution 

$125 (games and books)

See website 


David Efurd  Drawing on Experience: The Artist's Eye

$335 (art materials, fees for models, textbooks, transportation)

Daniel 206


John Farrenkopf  American Foreign Policy:  An Historical Overview and Contemporary Debates

$50 (books)

See flyers (Daniel 215)


Mark Ferguson / Colleen Ballance  Pulp Theatre Presents!


See Daily Announcements for auditions


Shawn Forbes / Jane Forbes  I Ride My Own: Women and Motorcycles 

$525 (travel, rider training, & accommodations)

Olin 103


Stacey Hettes  Functional Beauty: The Art and Craft of Pottery

$385 (supplies, SAMS tuition, admission fees, studio tours, videos, some meals)

See flyers (RMSC 203A)

312 Tracie Ivy 

Next of Kin: Monkeys, Apes, and Humans 

$150 (speakers, zoo admission, transportation, videos, books, some meals, supplies)

See website 


Robert Jeffrey  Courtship and Marriage


Main 104


Ryan Johnson / Jenny Johnson  Urban Legends: (mostly) True Stories Verified by a Friend of a Friend

$290 (texts, travel expenses, museum entry fees, guided tours, some meals)

Olin 118


Trina Jones  Sex (and Gender) and the City: Depictions of Women on Television Since 1970

$95 (books, DVDs, other texts)

Main 202


Charles Kay  Science, Religion and the Law: Famous Cases from Galileo to Kitzmiller

$65 (texts)

Contact sponsor


Charlotte Knotts-Zides  Family History and Digital Scrapbooking  

$225 (materials, DVD, printing, one excursion, text)

See website 


 Kirsten Krick-Aigner  Knit One Purl Two

$285 (materials)

See flyers (Olin 115G)


Eun-Sun Lee  Guitar, Anyone?

$100 (outside lecturer); *students must have access to their own guitars 

See poster (Daniel 108)


 Rickey Madden  Advertising

$200 (text)

Olin 114


Dan Mathewson / Amy Sweitzer  The Circus Interim

$200 (tickets, clown school, materials/supplies, transportation, some meals)

Main 102


John McArthur  Income Inequality  


See website 


Byron McCane  Thinking Inside the Box:  The New York Times Crossword


Main 206


Mike Merriman  Gladiators & Chariot Races in Ancient Rome

$27 (books)

Email professor for flyer


Steve Michelman  American Popular Music

$100 (books)

See flyers (Daniel 207)


Kris Neely  Self-Taught Artists at Work

$115 (supplies, exhibition expenses, local travel, books)

Olin 210


Jim Neighbors  Nihon Goshin Aikido: The Art of Self-defense

$350 (dojo and uniform fees)

See flyers (Main 231)


Cecile Nowatka / Joseph Sloan 

Developing Your Culinary Palate 

$300 (food, supplies, equipment, kitchen rental)

See website 


Patricia Nuriel / Illiana Villanueva  Latin Dance: Exploring Latin America and the Caribbean through its Music

$10 (materials)

Contact sponsor 


Wesley Pech  Fallacies and Paradoxes

$78 (texts)

See website 


Jim Proctor  Cre@ivity @ Play

$50 (text)

Olin 108


Eddie Richardson   Certified Management Accountant Exam:  Part 2

$175 (text, instructor, and ancillary fees- exam which is optional: $289)

See flyers (Olin 216C)


Catherine Schmitz   "A stitch in time saves nine": From sewing a Button to Creating your own piece

$200 (materials, book, sewing lessons, films) *Students should also rent/borrow/purchase a sewing machine 

Olin 116


George Shiflet / Angela Shiflet  Living Webs: Modeling Biological Networks  

$200 (materials and speakers)

See website 


Bryan Splawn  Ignorance is Bliss?

$75 (books)

See website

336 Caroline Cunningham  Faces of Women in Africa

$95 (books and video rental/purchase) 

See website 

337 Dave Sykes  Introduction to App Development  

$35 (books)

See website 

338 Gerald Thurmond  Scat, Tracks, Song, and Sign

$220 (books, gas, additional hikes)

Main 124

339 Carey Voeller  The Music,The Message: American Punk, Hardcore, and Emo

$15 (text, materials, printing costs)

Main 324

340 Richard Wallace  Living with Dogs

$70 (books, some meals, local transportation)

Main 302 (Preference given to meeting attendees)

341 John Ware  Outdoors in the Upstate  

$540 (books, equipment, WFA course, transportation, rentals, incidentals, some meals)

See website 

342 Dan Welch / Dan Lejeune  Robo Sapiens

$330 (robotics kit, books, optional visits)

Contact sponsor

343 Dave Whisnant / Clayton Whisnant  The Sixties: If You Remember Them, You Weren’t There

$220 (books and other materials)

See flyers (Olin 211C and Main 105)

344 Nancy Williams   Viva la Vegan: An Introduction to Veganism

$150 (tours, food, other materials, gas, some meals)

See flyers (Daniel 208)

345 Yongfang Zhang  China Today

$155 (film, textbook, taiji, some meals, Chinese tea)

See flyers (Olin 112B)

346  Steve Zides  Stand-Up Comedy 

$900 (3 nights in Charleston, event tickets, group dinners, guest speakers, books, other meals)

RMSC 122

347 Ellen Goldey  Become Certified as an Emergency Medical Technician

$650 (EMT instruction, materials, certification)

RMSC 222

348 Sally Hitchmough  Classic Read


Main 126

349 James Bednar  The Beatles

$96 (book and CDs)

Contact sponsor

350 Kim Rostan  Climbing ROCKS! $175 (gym fees, transporation, and book)

Main 222

381 Charlie Bass  An Introduction to Dental Medicine

$150 (some meals, DAT study aids) in addition to travel expenses

RMSC 121

382 David Alvis / John Fort  Pre-Law Internship

$100 (overnight stay in Richmond, VA, transportation expenses, some meals) 

Main 224


Jessalyn Story  An Introduction to Community Development $750 (includes RT flight to Washington, DC, local transportation, some meals, guest speakers, group activities)

Instructor permission only; Contact sponsor

393 John Fawcett / Robert Bowman  US Army Airborne School

$250 (personal expenses only)

Contact sponsor

394 John Fawcett / Robert Bowman  US Army Airborne Assault School

 $250 (personal expenses only)

Contact sponsor