Dr. Hill and students

Intercultural Studies

Courses appropriate to the major in Intercultural Studies are available as elective opportunities throughout the Wofford curriculum. These courses may be not only established courses available through participating departments, but also special topics courses and cross-listed courses. In addition, the Intercultural Studies major offers students the opportunity to develop interdepartmental majors in the general area of international/intercultural studies. The major is intended primarily for students whose interests lie in the study of countries and cultures outside Europe and North America and whose undergraduate academic goals cannot be conveniently achieved through majors in the traditional academic departments. A student desiring to major in Intercultural Studies must prepare and develop a curriculum with the coordinator before the beginning of the junior year. The major requires completion of 33 semester hours in advanced courses approved by the coordinator. Normally, courses will be selected from the offerings in Economics, English, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages, Government, History, Humanities, Religion and Sociology.

Major Prerequisites:
A 3.0 cumulative grade-point average for at least three semesters or recommendation for the major by three faculty members from different departments.

Major Requirements:
33 semester hours at the advanced level (300 and 400) from appropriate departments or from International Programs specifically approved by the major coordinator. The student may include one methods course numbered at the 200 level from an appropriate discipline if relevant. The major also requires a capstone experience, which may be completed by participating in an existing capstone course in an appropriate discipline, or by completing a three-hour independent study. The capstone experience should be taken during the senior year (normally in the spring semester) and should integrate work from the various departments.


280. Selected Topics in Intercultural Studies

Selected topics in Intercultural Studies at the introductory or intermediate level.

470. Independent Study
A study of a specific topic which integrates and focuses course work a student has done in the intercultural studies major.

475. Presidential Scholarship
Selected by the president of the college, the recipient(s), known as the Presidential International Scholar, is/are expected to plan a program of research and experience in the developing world. This special opportunity is intended to expose students to diverse world cultures and some of the   problems which define the contemporary world.

480. Advanced Topics in Intercultural Studies 
Study of significant ideas, issues, or themes using a multidisciplinary approach pursued through a variety of media. May be offered by any member of the faculty and subject to the approval of the coordinator. Not open to first-year students. Topics and prerequisites vary.