Mitchell Saum2

Swell Shades

Mitchell Saum 2017, Undeclared

Launch Project

Swell Shades are made of 100% all-natural bamboo, making them lightweight, floatable, and affordable.

Growing up in Pawleys Island, SC, losing sunglasses was a constant hassle - especially as we began to invest more in our sunglasses. Countless pairs of plastic and metal sunglasses adorn the bottom of the Atlantic and the Waccamaw River. After losing yet another pair of Ray Bans® (and the accompanying Croakies®) we realized there had to be a solution. Research quickly showed that bamboo would be the perfect sustainable material for creating sunglasses that would float. The market for these was sparse, and we wanted to create a pair that was classic and high quality: thus Swell Shades was born.

We invite you to try a pair. Swell Shades are only $80 with free domestic shipping, and if you aren't absolutely in love with them, you can return them to us within SEVEN days of delivery. Now isn't that just swell?