North Side Alliance

Alex Vary 2016, Undeclared

Impact Project

For high school, I attended a magnet program, which drew students from across the county in which I resided. My school was located on the campus of a liberal arts college, which had a “bubble” atmosphere similar to Wofford, where the student body felt “removed” from the worries of the city. As a high school junior, I volunteered at a public elementary school located just off campus. While volunteering there, I became cognizant of the disconnect between the students, who I attended class with, and the members of the surrounding community. Through volunteering, I became aware that these two fundamentally different groups mutually benefited from one another in the infrequent times where they did interact. As a result of my project, I hope to increase Wofford students’ awareness of the issues facing the Northside neighborhood and design ways they can get involved in helping to remedy them.