Getting Outside the Gates

Alex Vary 2016, Government/Finance

Impact Project

My initial Impact project involved teaching 120 unprivileged children in the Spartanburg community how to swim. When it came time to recruit Wofford volunteers, I was fortunate to easily find 20 students who were willing to commit to community service. These students said they decided to help with swim lessons primarily because they had a passion for swimming and that’s what drew them into the community. 

I saw an opportunity to develop volunteer opportunities that cater to Wofford student’s passions when I learned of Spartanburg’s Northside Initiative. My project will launch with an interactive website, where community members can identify needs in the Northside. I will then take these identified needs to the student body to determine which community needs students can fulfill by volunteering in areas they are passionate about. After establishing these service projects, I will market the opportunities to members of the entire Wofford community. The goal is to establish a sustainable presence of Wofford students in the Northside, who are engaging in meaningful service that complements their interests. Let’s get more Wofford students outside the gates!