Mitchell Large

Swell Vision

Mitchell Saum 2017, Undeclared

Launch Project

“We need to defend the interests of those whom we’ve never met and never will.” ~ Jeffery D. Sachs

For us, it is less about where and how our story begins but rather how it ends and the paths we choose along the way to extend the life of our planet and, in turn, our very existence.

Careful thought went into the decision to make our Swell Vision products with bamboo. Born of an elevated global awareness and passion for quality, we decided to create fashionable bamboo accessories and apparel including bamboo sunglasses and bamboo watches.

Swell Vision is pioneering a sustainable future by using bamboo for our polarized sunglasses vs. wooden sunglasses. As wood has become more and more scarce, bamboo is being used as a renewable alternative. To produce a full-grown, hardwood tree can take up to sixty years, and then another sixty years’ time for a replacement. Species of bamboo equal to the height and width of a tree take as little as three years to mature completely. Bamboo is also easy to grow, because of its root systems, which produce several shoots at a time. Like all plants, it takes in greenhouse gases and produces oxygen -- in fact, 35% more oxygen than an equivalent area of trees.

Sustainability is not just a thing. Not a concept that is important when convenient. It changes the way we think. That’s why Swell Vision will continue to offer eco-friendly products whenever possible. We will make every effort to include sustainability as our focus.

With a youthful spirit, we can still “play hard” but in the process, as stewards of this Earth, we have a duty and an obligation to leave it better than the way we found it. So let’s shift our behaviors and beliefs and do our part to bring positive change that will sustain our planet for generations to come.

When you purchase our Swell Vision products, not only do you get a fashionable pair of polarized, floatable sunglasses or a stylish timepiece, but you also are making an environmentally friendly decision.