Free the Artist

Sarah Baldwin & Mills Brown 2015, See below for majors

Impact Project

Majors: Sarah - Art History/Studio Art Concentration; Mills - Art History/English/Studio Art Concentration

As two of three Art History majors in Wofford's Junior class with the Studio Art concentration, we are both passionate about raising awareness and interest in our college's growing art department. Free the Artist is our collaborative Impact project, born from a shared passion for creating art, and a love for this college and the surrounding Spartanburg community.

We have been working with The Space and Studio Art Professor Kris Neely to find the perfect way to bring Wofford students, professors, local artists and art-appreciating individuals of all kinds together to share stories and ideas, and ultimately to enhance the Wofford/Spartanburg artistic experience.

All of the money that is raised during our lock-in and exhibition will go toward improving the studios that we already have at Wofford, and expanding on a program that we see so much potential in.