Love Where You Live blog

Marianna Conrad 2016, English/Art History

Impact Project

Born and raised in Spartanburg, SC, I obviously did not choose to venture too far away from my comfort zone to attend Wofford College. Little did I know the world of Wofford would open up so many new opportunities, experiences, and relationships with others that I had never known before living in my hometown. I love where I have lived my entire life and love the fact that I have been able to take advantage of completely new opportunities in Spartanburg simply by moving ten minutes away from home. 

I love to write and I appreciate art and its history, as evident from my choice of double majoring in Art History and English. My majors have opened my eyes to the vibrancy and capability of Spartanburg as a thriving economic hub that cares about their local businesses. I am thrilled to have taken on a practicum with the Love Where You Live Campaign because I truly get to express why I love where I live and why everyone else on this campus should love it as well.