Peach Wood

Georgia Campbell 2016, Finance

Launch Project

Our products are created from old cut down trees or old barn wood. Each of our items is hand made. Unfortunately for the time being we are unable to ship some of our items due to the weight. Those items will be made available in a local furniture store in Westminster, SC. For every item sold a portion of the profits will go towards the Campaign for Cange; specifically to support the efforts of the school. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world. In 2010 they were hit by a devastating earthquake, killing thousands and destroying millions of homes. Today, they are still struggling to repair the damage it caused. The Partnership Cange is a project with long history of relationship between the people of Cange, Partners in Health, and the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina. This partnership worked to create (Fully functional hospital, K-12 School, Village Schools, Training Center, Partners in Agriculture, The Water Project, The Artisan Center).