Wofford Artisan Market

Sarah Baldwin 2015, Art History with a concentration in Studio Art

Impact Project

It all began in the early 2000s, when my mother deemed me old enough to learn how to sew. Together we would take regular trips to thrift stores, returning home with huge bags of discarded clothes that, to us, were full of potential and beauty. We would spend hours up-cycling these treasures, transforming a jacket into a bag, a skirt into a scarf, or maybe a dress into a hat. This ability and desire to see potential in even the dullest of instances has been a constant in my life. Even today, with creativity as the basis of my oeuvre, I strive to be innovative and engaged in all that I do. My work still combines my two greatest passions, fashion and art, and it is my hope that sharing my artwork and the artwork of others will inspire, uplift, and make a bold statement. Wofford Artisan Market, a blog that features student creations, is the product of these ideas.