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Behavior Intervention Team

Mission of the Wofford Behavior Intervention Team
The mission of the Wofford Behavior Intervention team is to aid Wofford College in maintaining a safe environment and to promote student, faculty and staff health and well-being. 

The Purpose of the Wofford BIT
The Wofford BIT is dedicated to the balance of the individual needs of a student in distress and the needs of the greater Wofford community. The purpose of the Wofford BIT is:

To provide a proactive structure in the assessment of certain student behaviors.
To determine an appropriate, individualized intervention plan for each student.
To initiate the intervention plan.
To provide follow up and monitoring of the student’s status.
To eliminate “fragmented care”.

Referral Process
In order to report your concerns to the Wofford Behavior Intervention Team, please complete the Student of Concern Form. Please remember that reporting a student of concern to the Behavioral Intervention Team does not preclude taking additional actions as needed, such as contacting Health Services and Counseling, the Office of Campus Safety and/or the Dean of Students directly.

Team Membership
Dean of Students, Chair
Associate Dean of Students and Director of The Wellness Center
Vice President for Academic Administration and Planning
Vice President for Enrollment
College Counselor
Director of Residence Life/Assistant Director of Residence Life
Director of Campus Safety and Security
Assistant Director of The Wellness Center and College Counselor
Representatives from other campus offices will report to the team on an as needed basis.

For more information please see our FAQ page.

If you need immediate assistance during or after business hours please call Campus Safety 4911 (if calling on campus) or (864) 597-4911.