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GreekVillage End of Colonnade   

Building the Greek Village,
 Building Upon Tradition 

Greek life at Wofford College has a long and vibrant history, one steeped in tradition, philanthropy, fellowship, scholarship, leadership, and the ideals of brother and sisterhood. Many Wofford men and women have found homes in Greek life, and it's time that each of these organizations have quality facilities and a beautiful, suitable physical home they are proud to call their own. Wofford’s current fraternity houses were constructed in the mid-1950s and are filled with fond memories for students and alumni, but have now served their purpose. It’s time to replace them with new, more serviceable spaces for North-American National Interfraternity Conference organizations and add options for National Panhellenic Conference and National Pan-Hellenic Council organizations.   

Thank you to the many generous Wofford alumni, friends and parents and who have financially supported the Greek Village.

You can also follow the construction of the Greek Village and Wofford's other major construction projects on the Construction Updates page. Each page contains renderings, facts, and photographs of the site that are updated every 15 minutes.


Contact the Wofford College Office of Advancement at 864.597.4200 for more information about the new Greek Village.



Share Your Generosity 

We want to hear your stories. Connect with the Wofford Alumni Office on social media and tell us what you love about Greek life at Wofford College and why you support the Greek Village by using the hashtag #WoffordGreekVillage.