The last day of Rush is called Bid Day.  On the evening of Bid Day, men who complete Rush may receive an invitation from one or more fraternities to join their chapter.  The students then decide which if any of the invitations they wish to accept.  On the evening of Bid Day, each chapter has a celebration for its newest members.  On the day after Bid Day, the pledge period begins.  The pledge period ends on Friday, November 21, 2011. 

Wofford College affirms the value and active role of social fraternities and sororities in the life of the College and the campus community.  In an effort to improve Greek Life for students and the Wofford College Community as a whole, during the fall and interim semesters of 2004-05 members of the Board of Trustees, the faculty, staff, and student body studied the timing of Rush and the length of the pledge period.  Several conclusions were agreed upon after the 2004-05 review.  It was determined that alumni representatives, faculty advisors and Student Affairs staff members will work with the officers of the fraternities to ensure that all pledge activities are intellectually, culturally, and socially purposeful.  Pledge period extracurricular activities must not adversely affect the academic work of new members.  Pledging activities must not interfere with any new member's attendance and class preparation.  Any "projects" conducted during the pledge period must be carried out by members as well as pledges.

Hazing is strictly forbidden by Wofford College and is a violation of the South Carolina Code of Laws.  Hazing is defined as any action taken or situation planned or created, on or off campus, that is demeaning to an individual; produces mental, emotional, or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule; or which threatens or endangers the health, safety, and will being of any person.  Activities and situations considered hazing include but are not limited to:  pressure to use alcohol; paddling in any form; creating excessive fatigue; physical or psychological shocks; quests, treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, road trips; wearing of public apparel which is conspicuous and not normally in good taste; engaging in public stunts; morally degrading or humiliating games; or any activities which are inconsistent with the fraternal law, ritual or policy or inconsistent with the regulations, policies or the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities of Wofford College.  Students should report any hazing to a college official.

All pledge activities must be completed by November 21, 2011.  Each fraternity must submit its final pledge class roster to the Director of Greek Life by 5pm on November 22, 2011.  The pledge period is the time during which the fraternities educate new members about national and local history of the organization as well as the policies of the chapter and responsibilities of membership and during which many lasting friendships are developed.