2014 Greek Recruitment Policy

Formal Recruitment Rules 

  1. Violations of Recruitment and New Member Policies must be brought to the attention of an IFC EC member or The Office of Greek Life as soon as possible.
  2. Students, both new members and members of fraternities, allegedly violating the rules stated below will be presented with the charges in writing from the IFC Internal Vice President and will be summoned to appear before the IFC Judicial Court.  Fraternity chapters will be held responsible for the actions of their members.
  3. Members or organizations found guilty of violating Recruitment rules will be sent through the IFC Judicial Board.  If a fraternity is found guilty of violating recruitment or new member rules the chapter may be subject to the following sanctions:  a) $500 fine and/or b) Immediate loss of social privileges for up to one semester. New members found guilty of a violation will be excluded from joining a fraternity until September 2014.
  4. Given that courts have held that if a certain percentage or number of members is gathered at any location, that gathering can be interpreted as a chapter activity, whether “official” or “unofficial.”  Some national organizations do have a hard or precise number or percentage of members to determine if an event is a chapter event. If the event gives the impression of involving the chapter, it can be argued that the event was sponsored by the chapter. Therefore, the best definition for Wofford College to follow in regards to these rules and defining chapter sponsorship is if an event is held on chapter premises, any event sponsored or endorsed by the chapter’s members or alumni, or any event an observer would associate with the fraternity.

Informal Recruitment Rules  

  1. No summer recruitment parties are allowed. Summer recruitment parties are defined as any event which occurs before September 5, 2014 sponsored by a fraternity (or a group of fraternity members, alumni, and/or their family members) with the intention of gathering new members for the sake of recruiting them for your organization.
  2. September 5, 2014: No formal or informal fraternity events are to be held on or off campus in compliance with the Wofford College Greek Recruitment Policy until this date.
  3. No fraternity recruitment events will be held during new student orientation. No fraternity recruitment events will be held in competition with any new student orientation events which occur once fall semester classes have begun. During new student orientation fraternity members should not have contact with new members outside of normal on-campus interaction.
  4. On the evenings of September 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, and 20 fraternities in good standing with the College may host social events on campus. 
  5. Those fraternities in good standing may host a maximum of three bands, without a spending cap, from Sept 5-Sept 20. Fraternities wishing to host a band must submit all band dates and contracts to the Greek Life Office by Friday September 5th. Alcohol should never be provided or served at any IFC Informal Recruitment event. These events are to be “’dry” meaning there is no alcohol present in the house (including porches) whether brothers or guests are over 21 or not.
  6. All informal recruitment events must be approved by the Greek Life Office, may not compete with any FYI events, and must conclude by 11:00pm.
  7. New male students who plan to participate in recruitment will be permitted in upperclassmen residence halls and fraternity members may visit with first-year males in Marsh, Greene and Carlisle Halls. An open-door policy must be followed at all times.
  8. On-campus activities (i.e., athletic games, meals at Zach’s or Burwell, etc.) are allowed between freshmen and fraternity men beginning September 5th.
  9. September 5-20:  Lunch and dinner is permitted between first-year men and fraternity members on or off campus but the fraternity nor its members are allowed to purchase food or drinks for the potential new member. All dinners must conclude by 11:00pm.
  10. Each fraternity should submit a calendar of scheduled informal recruitment by Friday September 5, 2014.  These events will be distributed by IFC to the Wofford Community.

Formal Recruitment Rules 

  1. The 2014 Fall Formal Recruitment period is defined as September 22-September 25, 2012.
  2. Any first-year, transfer, or upperclassman interested in participating in Recruitment must register online through the link provided on the Recruitment website.  This is the only form of registration which is acceptable.
  3. There is a $55 non-refundable Recruitment registration fee which must be paid online when registering by noon on September 19, 2014.  All potential new members must have registered and paid the registration fee online by this time in order to participate in formal recruitment activities.
  4. Any male student registered as a full-time student (9- or more credit hours) and not on academic probation will be eligible for recruitment.  Upperclassmen and transfer students must have a 2.0 GPA to register for recruitment.
  5. All potential new members must attend a Recruitment Information Session hosted by IFC during the first week of classes.
  6. All formal recruitment functions will be held on campus and must end by 10pm. The time limit for Smokers will be as such:  1st Smoker-15 minutes per house; 2nd Smoker-1 hour; 3rd Smoker-45 minutes to 1 hour.
  7. All Formal Recruitment functions will be alcohol free.  No alcohol in any form may be served or consumed by anyone during a Formal Recruitment function.
  8. New members are required to visit all the chapters to which they are invited.
  9. Strict silence is defined as no communication in any form (verbal, written, or electronically transmitted (text, email) between a potential new member and a fraternity member(s)).  Strict silence is to be observed during the hours of 11pm on Wednesday, September 24 until Bid Day on Thursday, September 25.  
  10. New members must not be under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substances when bids are distributed or they will not be allowed to participate in Bid Day.

New Member and Initiation Policies 

  1. New member activities are not allowed to occur between the hours of midnight and 7:00am.
  2. A schedule of New Member activities should be submitted by September 5, 2014 to the Greek Life Office.
  3. All fraternities must initiate their new members by November 24, 2013. An Alumni Advisor must attend initiation and provide documentation to The Greek Life Office to confirm the initiation date and the new members who are initiated.
  4. As per FIPG policy, “no new members or pledged members should be involved with risk management practices or procedures, as in checking identification or checking guests at the door.  These are positions of authority and responsibility.”  All risk management officers and SPMs should be initiated members of your chapter.

2014 IFC Recruitment Dates 

Friday, Sept 5        Recruitment event dates, activities, band contracts, and New Member Schedules due to Office of Greek Life                        

Friday, Sept 5        Informal Recruitment Begins

Friday, Sept 19      Recruitment Registration Deadline $55      

Monday, Sept 22   First Smoker                                     

Tuesday, Sept 23   Second Smoker                               

Wednesday, Sept 24 Third Smoker                                                                                                  

Thursday, Sept 25     IFC Bid Day

Monday, Nov 24       Initiation Deadline

All current and prospective members of fraternities and sororities must abide by this policy.  It is the responsibility of the chapter presidents to educate their members about this policy.