Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Greek Life is to support and promote the overall success and development for all of Wofford College’s fraternities and sororities and their members through the five core values established by the Greek Life community:

1)      Accountability – To show concern and care for the safety and security of all members of the Wofford community.

2)      Scholarship – To fully support and engage in the academic mission of Wofford College.

3)      Service – To be active citizens in order to increase awareness and serve our community and philanthropies.

4)      Personal Growth – To actively seek a commitment to leadership and intellectual development in one’s personal and social life.

5)      Unity – To develop and support the true sense of a community by fostering brotherhood and sisterhood with all members of the Wofford community.


Greek Leadership Series  

The Greek Leadership Series was created in the fall of 2012 to foster leadership and intellectual growth in the lives of fraternity and sorority members and the organizations they lead. GLS workshops and presentations are a fun and interactive way to learn to become more effective leaders.   

Greek Week  

Greek Week is an opportunity for all of the Greek community to come together for this annual tradition at Wofford College. Greek Week is a week of events and spirited competition between Greek chapters, all for a good cause.    

President’s Roundtable Meetings 

Fraternity and sorority presidents will meet with Greek Life staff members at least once per semester to discuss community updates, events, and issues. In addition, presidents will conduct one on one meetings with Greek Life staff members to assist with setting individual and organizational goals.   

Risk Management Education 

It is crucial to the success of any Greek Life community to continually focus on risk management policies and procedures. At least once per semester, Greek leaders will participate in education on risk management policies and best practices for staying safe in chapter activities.   




Greek Grade Report Spring 2013 

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Greek Grade Report Spring 2012 

Membership Reports 

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2013-14 Goals and Objectives 

2012-13 Goals and Objectives 

2012-13 Accomplishments