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Profiles of Recent Internship Experiences

Donovan Hicks - The Manipal Group 

Donovan Hicks

Donovan Hicks, a Government and Finance double major recently interned with the Manipal Group in India. As an intern, Donovan worked closely with the group’s legal department drafting standardized contracts to be used by their vendors, suppliers, and partnerships. Following completion of his internship, Hicks was able to present his project to the group’s CEO and make valuable recommendations. Donovan’s experience abroad gave him firsthand knowledge of the inner workings of an international company, enabling him to have a better understanding of US foreign policy and economic policy.

Kyle Yelton - United States Senator Tim Scott 

Kyle Yelton

Kyle Yelton, a Government major with an Accounting minor, recently spent a semester interning in Senator Tim Scott’s Washington, DC office. As an intern, Kyle worked closely with the Senator’s legislative and scheduling staff attending various committee hearings, drafting briefs, writing responses to constituent mail, and coordinating the Senator’s school visit program. Yelton’s internship and semester in Washington, DC, allowed him to experience the legislative process of the American government first hand, while he fulfilled the requirements of the American Politics Concentration.

Lindsay Uhlinger - Council of State Governments 

Lindsey Uhlinger

Lindsay Uhlinger, a Government major in the class of 2016, recently spent a summer in Washington, DC interning for the Council of State Governments. During her internship, she was able to research a variety of policy issues including trade policy, environmental, agriculture, and education policy. Lindsay’s internship allowed her to advance her writing and presentation skills, and gain first-hand experience through interacting with other policy organizations.

Anna Aguillard - The Louisiana Record 

Anna Aguillard

Anna Aguillard, a Government major in the class of 2016, recently spent a summer working as a reporting intern for the Louisiana Record. The Louisiana Record is a legal journal that covers civil litigation across the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Throughout her internship, Anna published over twenty-five articles focusing on civil suits occurring in the New Orleans Parish and appellate court decisions that affected the entire South East. Anna’s most prized piece was an article on the highly controversial “fracking” proposition that is currently the subject of heavily publicized legal action in St. Tammany parish. Throughout her internship, she was able to interview representatives from regionally respected oil companies, environmentalists, and various legal professionals. Aspiring to be an attorney, Anna’s internship exposed her to legal journalism, politics within Louisiana, and the state and appellate court system.

A copy of Anna’s article, “St. Tammany Parish Sues to Prevent fracking,” can be found here: