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  • What do you do with a Government degree?

    What do you do with a Government Degree? 

    Majoring in Government does not mean that you have to go to law school or that you plan to run for public office someday – although Wofford Government majors have done both! A Government degree from Wofford will provide you with strong critical reading and writing skills, the ability to examine, critique and contribute to discussions, and research abilities that will prepare you for work in many fields or for success in graduate level programs.

    Wofford graduates who majored in government have gone on to pursue careers in a wide variety of fields. Some recent graduates are working as: 

    • > Senior Aide to a US Senator
    • > Assistant State Attorney General
    • > Assistant State Attorney
    • > Legislative Director for a Congressman
    • > Assistant US Attorney
    • > Member of the White House Office of Public Liaison
    • > FBI Investigative Specialist
    • > Television Journalist in Washington, DC
    • > Resident in Family Medicine
    • > Regional Director for the American Heart Association
    • > Associate Director of College Admissions
    • > District Executive, Boy Scouts of America
    • > VP of Wealth Management Operations
    • > Insurance Risk Management
    • > Owner of a Financial Firm
    • > Owner of an Event Planning Firm
    • > Dentist
    • > Professor of Political Science


    Find more detailed information about jobs Wofford government majors hold on our Government Department Alumni Jobs page.

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  • In the Work Force

    The following are examples of careers or fields that a major in government will prepare you for:

    • Teacher (high school or college)
    • Business
    • Journalism
    • Government service
    • Public administration
    • Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)
    • Law
    • Foreign Service
    • Diplomatic corps

    *Please note that some of these careers require additional schooling beyond an undergraduate degree.