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Optional Concentrations for Government Majors

Students majoring in Government may choose to deepen their study of politics by choosing one of three optional concentrations - American Politics, World Politics, or Political Thought. In each concentration, students dive into one specific area of politics by combining a formal course of study with direct experience either in Washington, DC or abroad internationally. Students interested in undertaking concentrations must schedule a meeting with the Department Chair – Dr. DeMars. 

Graduating students who complete the requirements for a concentration will receive a letter and certificate from the Chair of the Government Department, and the concentration will be recognized on their official Wofford transcript.

American Politics Concentration

Students who seek to broaden their knowledge of the American political system and who are interested in experiencing government at work first hand are excellent candidates for the optional concentration in American Politics. Students interested in earning this concentration must complete two courses in American Government taken on the Wofford campus, and, in addition, complete a semester or summer in Washington, DC. The semester or summer spent in Washington, DC must include a practical internship of the student’s choice and formal courses. At least one three-hour academic course taken in Washington must address a topic of American politics. 

Wofford currently participates in two Washington, DC semester study programs. Links to each of the programs websites can be found below. 

The Capitol Hill Internship Program

The University of South Carolina Washington Semester Program

World Politics Concentration

Students interested in foreign policy or international relations with the desire to experience foreign governments first hand should consider the optional concentration in World Politics. Two courses in International Relations and Comparative Government taken on the Wofford campus and a semester or summer of study abroad, including an internship (if available) are required for this concentration. At least one three-hour academic course taken abroad must address a topic in world politics. Following return from the study abroad component, students will complete a paper or project on a topic of interest (chosen in consultation with the major advisor) that arose from the experience abroad (see Government 447). Specific arrangements will be approved by the major advisor. 

To see available study abroad options offered by Wofford, please see the Wofford Office of International Programs website:

Political Thought Concentration

Students interested in furthering their knowledge of the theoretical framework of government and politics should consider the Political Thought Concentration. Any upper level course in political theory beyond the major requirement in Division C (for a total of at least three courses selected from Government 391, 392, 435, 440, and 495), and a senior directed study course in political theory (Government 450) satisfy the requirements for this concentration.