3 students working together at Glendale Site
Teaching at Glendale

Since 2000 Wofford College has taught classes and labs at Glendale Shoals.

During the ASLE conference in June of 2007 (Association for Study of Literature and Environment) renowned writer and Middlebury professor John Elder used Glendale Shoals as his learning landscape.

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/uploadedImages/glendaleShoals/JackandJohn.jpgJack Turner (left) and John Lane (right) discussing water sampling at Glendale Shoals
/uploadedImages/glendaleShoals/Johnbridgeweb.jpgJohn Lane talks about Glendale's history with first year students on the bridge
/uploadedImages/glendaleShoals/JohnElder.jpgJohn Elder's ASLE writing workshop at Glendale, summer 2007.
Teaching at Glendale/uploadedImages/glendaleShoals/learningclusterweb.jpg 
/uploadedImages/glendaleShoals/JournalWritingGlendale.jpg Taking notes at Glendale
Annainthecreek1The new facility at Glendale allows students the opportunity to study the plentiful nature around it, including the waters of Lawson's Fork Creek. 
CarrieandstudentswithbugsStudents examine various invertebrates, and other aquatic insects gathered from the creek.
KatPlunkettwithnetThe shoals at the Glendale facility are a great place to study the environment.