3 students working together at Glendale Site

Kayaking at Glendale

Glendale Shoals offers one of the most exciting kayak runs in Spartanburg County.

Difficulty depends on water levels.

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A local paddler sidesurfing the hole at the bottom of The Glendale Slide.
/uploadedImages/glendaleShoals/Kayak3.jpg A group of paddlers in The Hall of Waves, Glendale Shoals.
 A local paddler on a perfect run of Lawson's Dawg at low water.

 A kayaker running "the cheat route" on Lawson's Dawg. Note Wofford's

Goodall Environmental Studies Center in the background.

/uploadedImages/glendaleShoals/MackayGlendale.jpg  Wofford physics professor Mackay Salley kayaking at Glendale Shoals.
/uploadedImages/glendaleShoals/MichaelRunningDam4'.jpg A local kayaker running the dam at Glendale.