Wofford on Call Student Caller Evaluation

Thank you for speaking with one of our Wofford on Call Student Callers!

Please take a moment to evaluate the telephone call you received. Your input will help us refine the Wofford on Call program and improve communication with alumni, parents and friends.  We appreciate your time and support.

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 1. The student caller was polite, friendly and enthusiastic.   

2. The student caller was knowledgeable about current campus events.


3. The student caller was knowledgeable about The Wofford Fund.


4. The student caller verified or updated address, work and e-mail information.


5. The student caller asked if I work for a matching gift company.


6. The student caller verified the pledge/gift amount and designation.


7. The student caller was able to answer my questions.


8. The overall quality of the phone call was:

Additional comments:

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