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Benjamin Wofford Society
Mr. and Mrs. W. Hayne Hipp
Dr. Rose M. Johnston 

1854 Society
Mrs. Marianne J. Bagwell 

Old Main Society
Mr. and Mrs. Mac L. Cates, Jr.
Mrs. Harriet A. Sessoms 

Chairman's Society
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley W. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. William Barnet, III
Mr. Frederick B. Dent, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy I. Gibbs
Mrs. David Haddow
Ms. Dana H. Halberg
Mr. William F. Hipp
Ms. Dorothy A. Norton
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Williamson, III 

Trustee Society
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Allen
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Bostic, Jr.
Mrs. Anne Brady Moore Carlson
Ms. Kathleen M. Cates
Mr. Robert E. Evans
Mr. James W. Ford
Mr. Harry H. Gibson, Jr.
Mrs. Joan Gibson
Ms. Elisabeth E. Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. R. Cates Hayes, Jr.
Mrs. Robert C. Hayes
Estate of Ms. Margaret G. Major
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mulvaney
Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Perrin
Mrs. Mary Ann R. Phillips
Mrs. Joy G. Shackelford
Mrs. Minor M. Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Darwin H. Simpson
Dr. Joella F. Utley 
Mr and Mrs. Manuel Vallarino

Leadership Society
Mrs. Maryann C. Abbott
Mr. and Mrs. W. Harry Clayton
Mrs. Mary Alice Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Dobbs
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Dunlap
Mr. and Mrs. C. Russell Farmer
Mr. and Mrs. J. Rob Freeman, III
Mrs. Anne T. Greene
Mrs. Anne A. Hames
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Keith, Jr.
Mrs. Kathryn R. King
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Kohler, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Mize
Mr. and Mrs. D. Grant Peacock
Mr. and Mrs. David Phipps
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Pinson
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Shackelford, III
Rev. and Mrs. George E. Strait
Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Thomas 

President's Club
Mrs. Randolph New Armstrong
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Bryant
Mrs. Hilda S. Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Falatok
Mr. William C. Fields
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Fowler
Mrs. Elaine T. Freeman
Mr. James H. Grier
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Haas
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Hrubala
Mrs. Jean J. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Lansberry
Mr. and Mrs. Keith E. Laws
Mr. and Mrs. Joab M. Lesesne, III
Mr. Zerno E. Martin, Jr.
Mrs. Mary Donna Mellon
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Mitchell
Mrs. Marian M. Moorhead
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Morrison
Ms. Donna C. Plexico
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Siegel
Ms. Virginia B. Sims
Mrs. Jean F. Sydnor
Mrs. Lalage Warrington
Mr. Robert R. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Zimmerli 

Patron Club
Ms. Emily F. Bailey
Mr. W. Don Bain, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Berry
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Joe W. Brunson
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Chunn
Ms. Anne M. Ebersbach
Dr. and Mrs. Dan D. Gilbert
Mrs. Cynthia C. Grier
Estate of Dr. Richard B.Harwell
Mr. Robert T. Henson
Mr. and Mrs. Jamie D. Hodge
Ms. Helen J. Martenson
Mr. and Mrs. George L. McCoy
Ms. Julie D. Meredith
Ms. Lisa Nalley
Mr. and Mrs. Lester A. Paul
Mr. Frederick G. Phillips
Ms. L. Marlene Quarles
Mr. Ossama A. Rahman
Mrs. Eileen N. Rampey
Mr. and Mrs. D. Paul Rudisill, Jr.
Mrs. Alice H. Sanders
Mr. Greg Sanders
Mr. Sterling S. Sharpe
Mrs. Caroline Reames Tolbert
Mrs. Kathleen S. West
Mr. Edmund M. Wiener
Mrs. Katherine Corn Wilson
Mr. Michael H. Woods 

Loyalty Club
Mrs. Rose E. Adams
Mrs. Jeanette R. Anderson
Mrs. Sarah Dixon Ariail
Mr. Furman Babb
Mr. and Mrs. R. Jeff Barham
Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Barker
Mr. William P. Blalock
Mr. and Mrs. H. Tate Bowers
Mrs. Martha B. Carlisle
Mrs. Mary W. Carter
Mrs. Dorothy E. Cecil
Mr. and Mrs. J. Pat Cecil
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Champion
Rev. and Mrs. David A. Clyburn, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Cubitt
Mr. Daniel W. Davis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Dorn
Mr. James W. Duckett, Jr.
Ms. Graham S. Dukes
Dr. John F. Dunbar, Jr.
Dr. Walter B. Edgar
Ms. Susan G. Ellison
Mr. and Mrs. Lane Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. Chase E. Furnas, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Blake P. Garrett, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. George G. Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas E. Gregory
Mrs. Marjorie G. Halford
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman W. Hamrick
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Hank
Mr. and Mrs. Tom E. Hannah
Mr. and Mrs. Jay R. Harding
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Hastings
Dr. and Mrs. Granville A. Hicks
Ms. Mary H. Hipp
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Holt
Mrs. Linda P. Hudgins
Dr. and Mrs. David G. Ike
Dr. Henry J. Janiec
Mr. and Mrs. H. Spencer King
Mrs. McCrea Snyder Kudravetz
Ms. Angela Lancaster
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Lancaster, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Lightsey, Sr.
Mr. Kelley Linder
Mr. Todd Linder
Mr. Guy H. Long
Mr. and Mrs. William S. McAninch
Ms. Susan S. McCrackin
Mr. Danny McCraw
Mr. and Mrs. William C. McDow
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Meggs
Mr. Andrew H. Meyer
Mr. Jim Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Mitchell
Mr. John M. Nix, CPA
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Oberlander
Mr. Charles D. Owen, Jr.
Mrs. Mary B. Padgett
Mrs. Miriam L. Pettigrew
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Phelps
Mr. Sam Plexico
Mr. Dwight W. Polk
Mr. Harry Price
Mr. and Mrs. C. Garrett Putman
Mr. Mike Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Samson
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Sandy Sanders
Mr. G. Timothy Satterfield
Mrs. Elizabeth J. Savage
Mr. Mike Shackelford
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Sossamon
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Sparks
Ms. Clara L. Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Swearingen
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Valentino
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Walker
Ms. Patricia Ware
Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. West
Ms. Ann White
Mrs. Betty O. Williamson
Mr. Chad Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur H. Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Wingo, Jr.
Ms. Carole Wofford
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wynn, III
Mrs. Rosemary Bass Young 

Centurion Club
Mrs. Joan D. Ackor
Mr. and Mrs. Jim D. Adams, Jr.
Ms. Rosemarie Aguilar
Ms. Hannah L. Alley
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Armstrong
Ms. Hope L. Batten
Mr. and Mrs. Orin W. Beach, Jr.
Mrs. Judy P. Bechtler
Mrs. William G. Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Beltram
Mr. and Mrs. Hardin S. Bethea
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Betz
Ms. Delle R. Bolen
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Boone
Mr. Russ Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Brewer
Ms. Loraine T. Brown
Mr. William J. Bruckner
Dr. and Mrs. Ponce D. Bullard
Mr. and Mrs. J. Brent Burns
Ms. Betsy B. Burrell
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Burroughs, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Byrd
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Carey
Mrs. Leigh Ann Carmichael
Mr. and Mrs. Randall K. Chambers
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chase
Ms. E. Janet Chen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Coats
Ms. Patricia W. Cockerill
Mr. Charles Coffey
Dr. M. Justin Coffey
Ms. Barbara E. Conrad
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G. Cowley
Mr. and Mrs. G. Franklin Crowell
Dr. Wayne A. and Rev. Dorothy N. Culp
Dr. and Mrs. W. Mac Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Deibler
The Honorable Thomas J. Dezern
Mrs. LaDell W. Dixon
Dr. Dawes Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. J. Joseph Edwards
Ms. Carol C. Farley
Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Ferguson
Dr. Nicholas F. Fleming
Mrs. Constance W. Fowke
Mr. and Mrs. Max A. Fritz, Jr.
Mrs. Mary A. Funderburk
Mrs. Jean C. Gasque
Mrs. Ann W. Gill
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Gramling
Mr. and Mrs. Ben F. Grantham
Ms. Sherri C. Gregory
Mrs. Anne S. Hall
Mr. John M. Hamlett
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Hardin, III
Mrs. Rebecca M. Harmon
Ms. Mary W. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Harris
Ms. Virginia B. Harris
Mrs. Mary Lou Harwell
Mr. and Mrs. J. Howard Henderson
Ms. Happy Henry
Mrs. Katie A. Hodge
Ms. Frances Holcombe
Ms. Tarryn A. Hoover
Mrs. Louise R. Horde
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Howell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Milton L. Ivey
Mr. Theodore E. Jones, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Kaplan, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Keith, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Delano Knight
Dr. and Mrs. Louis F. Knoepp, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Kochamba
Mrs. Robert D. Krastel
Mr. and Mrs. Lee D. Lancaster
Ms. Salley C. Lane
Mr. Ronald L. Layne
Mr. Larry R. Leake
Dr. Harry Lesesne
Mrs. Beth T. Lipscomb
Mr. and Mrs. W. Allen Lundy
Ms. Lorraine R. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Heath J. Maughon
Dr. Robert C. McAdams
Ms. Anita L. McCord
Mr. and Mrs. James McCutchen, Jr.
Mrs. Larry T. McGehee
Ms. Elizabeth H. McGehee
Mrs. Caroline S. McLain
Mr. Peter J. Michel
Mr. and Mrs. D. Byrd Miller, III
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Monroe
Dr. and Mrs. Mark D. Monson
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Montgomery
Mrs. Kate H. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Neagley
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Newsome
Ms. Sherri M. Nichols
Dr. and Mrs. W. Harold Nixon
Drs. Chris and Cecile Nowatka
Ms. Agnes I. O'Kelly
Mr. Ellis L. Olmstead
Mr. and Mrs. James P. O'Shields
Mr. and Mrs. H. Lynn Parker
Dr. Rubina J. Patel
Mr. Frederick A. Peterson
Mr. Chris Petescia
Mr. George M. Plyler
COL Harold B. Powell (Ret.)
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Reichenbach
Mr. Harold B. Risher
Mr. and Mrs. W. Wallace Robertson
Mr. J. Randolph Rowe
Ms. Patricia L. Rudy
Dr. William E. Russell
Ms. Bobbi A. Sahm
Ms. Marilyn F. Scruggs
Ms. Betsy W. Short
Ms. Sarah B. Simpson
Mrs. Frances M. Smith
Dr. Kate E. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Ron G. Smith
Ms. Muriel N. Stacpoole
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Stanley
Dr. and Mrs. Bill Stewart
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Stillwell
Mr. Thomas E. Suggs
Ms. Janey J. Tanksley
Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Telle
Mr. Frank C. Tindall, Jr.
Mrs. Mattie Lee Trexler
Mr. Russell Truluck
Mr. Kevin Walker
Ms. Mary Walton
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Wardlaw
Mr. and Mrs. Hal G. Warlick, Jr.
Mr. George W. Watt
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Wesner
Ms. Virginia M. Wiggins
Ms. Kathryn Williams
Mr. and Mrs. R. Todd Williams
Mrs. Harriet W. Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Joey Williamson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton F. Wofford
Mrs. Katherine W. Woodham 

Mrs. Marilyn Ahrendt
Mrs. Arleen K. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. H. Dale Almond
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Arrington, Jr.
Mrs. Anne F. Austell
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Bacon
Mr. Robert Bahnsen
Mr. and Mrs. James, D. Baker, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. L. Ballance
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Banet
Ms. Norma C. Bannon
Ms. Carolyn Taylor Barry
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph N. Bassett
Dr. James D. Bearden, III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bell
Mr. and Mrs. William Benjamin
Mr. and Mrs. Sam H. Bishop
Mr. Jason Blanton
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Bostick
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Bowen
Ms. Virginia Bowman
Ms. Millie B. Bracey
Ms. Ruth P. Bradish
Mrs. Elizabeth Bramlett
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Brenk
Ms. Jonnie Britton
Ms. Teri Brodbeck
Ms. Elizabeth A. Brown
Mr. Mitch Buchanan
Mr. Hoke V. Bullard, III
Mr. Keith T. Byers
Mr. and Mrs. C. Marshall Cain
Mr. George E. Case, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Dudley C. Chandler, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Chandler, III
Mrs. Martha C. Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. E. Allen Childers
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Conrad
Mrs. Georgeann M. Cook
Ms. Leigh G. Cousins
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie E. Cox
Mr. Tom Moore Craig, Jr.
Ms. Claudia J. Crawford
Mrs. Jane P. Crowder
Dr. Rosa C. Shand Cumming
Mr. Daniel Currin
Mr. Clark T. Davison
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Delahoyde
Mr. Larry E. Dent
Ms. Marie B. Dietz
Mrs. Eunice H. Dobbins
Mr. William Doolan
Mrs. Carolyn P. Drennen
Mr. David W. Duncan
Ms. Sue DuPree
Mr. and Mrs. N. Baxter Earle
Dr. and Mrs. William C. Elston
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Emry
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Ervin, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Owen M. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Ferguson
Ms. Stephanie Fetchen
Ms. Stacy K. Fisher
Mrs. Nancy S. Floyd
Mr. and Mrs. Jason L. Fogle
Mr. and Mrs. Edward I. Fogler
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Fossier
Mr. Thomas E. Foster
Mrs. Teresa P. Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Freemon
Ms. Susan A. Fretwell
Ms. Nancy F. Galloway
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Gaskins
Mr. James E. Gilmer, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Gilmore, Jr.
Mr. John T. Glendening
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Godbold, Sr.
Dr. David E. Grabeman
Mrs. Betty W. Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Gregg, Jr.
Ms. Marsha A. Gregory
Mrs. Miriam S. Gregory
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Grier
Mr. Sanford H. Groff, Jr.
Mr. Richard L. Guthrie
Mr. F. Nelson Hall, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Hamilton
Mr. Jamey Hamilton
Ms. Sara H. Hamilton
Mr. Allen W. Hammerbeck
Mr. and Mrs. W. Samuel Hanna
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Harden
Mr. Sam M. Harris
Ms. Kelsey Healey
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Heffron Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Herndon, Sr.
Ms. Jo Ann H. Herron
Ms. Connie Hiers
Mrs. Anna T. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. D. Mark Hilliard
Mrs. Christine F. Hills
Mr. Jameal Hines
Ms. Betty L. Holt
Ms. Nanacy L. Hopkinson
Mrs. Sally G. Horton
Ms. Ruth E. Houser
Ms. Shirley M. Howell
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hoyle
Ms. Rebecca P. Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Lacoste E. Irwin
Mr. Daniel M. Johnson
Mrs. Melissa D. Johnson
Ms. Patsy E. Johnson
Ms. Barbara C. Joseph
Mr. and Mrs. Clark P. King
Ms. Ann W. Kirby
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Klimkowicz
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Lackey
Dr. and Mrs. H. Lucius Laffitte, Sr.
Ms. Rebecca Laffitte
Ms. S. Rosalie Laffitte
Ms. Molly Hornsby Lee
Ms. Lindsay Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Leopard
Dr. and Mrs. Sinclair E. Lewis
Mr. Troy D. Linker
Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Lloyd
Ms. Rita Lyons
Ms. Suzan F. Mabry
Ms. Anne H. Malone
Mr. and Mrs. Steve A. Mays
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh M. McCutcheon
Mr. Kirk McKeown
Ms. Adrienne B. McMillan
Ms. Carolyn B. Miller
Ms. Katrina L. Miller
Mrs. Mary Lou H. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miller
Ms. Roland E. Mitchener
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Montagne
Mr. and Mrs. William O. Moseley
Ms. Nancy K. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Norris
Mr. Francisco J. Ochoa-Vargas
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. O'Connell
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Oden
Mrs. Frances M. Pace
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Palmer
Ms. Susan Aandrea H. Patterson
The Honorable Rodney A. Peeples
Mr. Jack E. Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Petty
Ms. Janice M. Philbeck
Mr. Craig M. Phillips
Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Piepenbring
BRIG GEN and Mrs. Robert B. Plowden, Jr. (ret)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Pool
Mr. Peter Rafferty
Mr. Alan Raflo
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Randall, Jr.
Ms. Alison Refshauge
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Refshauge
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Richards
Mr. Ronnie Z. Richards
Rev. and Mrs. Graham H. Rights
Ms. Rose Mary L. Ritchie
Mrs. Aleth P. Ritter
Mr. and Mrs. Lang Rivers
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Rose
Ms. Deloris Rucker
Ms. Elizabeth J. Rush
Ms. Doris Russell
Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Salley
Mr. Ankit A. Shah
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Silden
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. E. Conrad Sloan
Mr. and Mrs. Cary Smith
Ms. Charlotte B. Smith
Ms. Cynthia F. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. J. Daniel Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Smyth
Ms. Laura G. Spiers
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Spiers, Jr.
LT D. Hunt Stanley, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Shand S. Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt B. Stone, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Edward Stone
Ms. Ann Strasser
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond B. Strenski
Ms. Madelyn J. Strickland
Mrs. Muriel S. Suber
Dr. David H. Tate
Ms. Jane B. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. H. Edward Tierney
Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Tierney
Ms. Shirley A. Traughber
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Trescott
Ms. Mary L. Truluck
Mrs. Marilyn W. Turner
Ms. Teresa Vargas
Mr. Richard A. Vollmer
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Von Besser
Ms. Jo Ann N. Wallace
Ms. Karen C. Wallace
Ms. Elizabeth Wang
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Wannamaker
Ms. Starlene W. Watson
Ms. Isabelle Webb
Mr. Jeremy A. Wells
Ms. Undun P. Whetsell
Ms. Elisabeth Wiedemann
Mrs. Hazel Talton Willis
Mrs. Mary G. Willis
Ms. Vicki G. Witt
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Wood
Ms. M. Katherine Woodham
Ms. Martha A. Woodham
Ms. Susan C. Woodham
Ms. Frances E. Wooding
Ms. Janis C. Wright
Mrs. Susan Young