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We are asking alumni to honor a professor or coach who made a difference in their life by making a donation to the Annual Fund. Those honored or next of kin (in the case of memorials) will be notified on Teacher Recognition Day May 6th. Make your donation for this year and tell us your story by emailing Lisa De Freitas at

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Dr. Abercrombie  Coach Ayers Dr. BarbasRhoden Dr. Bass  Dr. Bayard
  Dr. Blanchard Dr. Bopp Coach Brakefield Dr. Bullard Dr. Cavin 
Dr. Chewning  Professor Coates


Dr. Clarence Lewis Abercrombie, Professor of Biology 

Jennifer Finley '11

 Coach Mike Ayers, Football 

“Thankful Coach Ayers helped provide me an opportunity to attend and graduate from Wofford College” – W. Jesse Sprinkle IV  ‘93

“Two great men and pillars of the Wofford Community. Both set examples for young men on how to be great men, husbands and fathers.” – Jonathan Roberts ‘96

Dr. Laura BarbasRhoden, Professor of Modern Languages 

Jennifer Finley '11

Dr. Charlie Bass, Professor of Chemistry  

“Dr. Bass is a true inspiration.  We are so grateful to have had Dr. Bass as a professor and very proud of our Wofford chemistry degrees.  We now work as an Emergency Medicine Physician (Manoj) and a pharmacist (Kristie).  We are hopeful that our children (ages 6 and 4) will one day have the wonderful instruction of Dr. Bass as they pursue their Wofford Chemistry degrees!  Thank you Dr. Bass! – Manoj ’98 and Kristie ’99 Pariyadath

Shelbey Holmes '13

“It is hard to name all of the wonderful people who have made Wofford special to me, but Dr. Bass is at that list's top! As a sophomore struggling to pass general chemistry and find her place at Wofford in general, Dr. Bass made every effort to help me not just to pass, but to help me learn to appreciate the material and this school. As he tutored me (legitimately) every single day, our relationship grew from professor-student to father-daughter. I have been blessed by his presence on this campus--from having marshmallow gun fights at his house with his lovely family to just sitting in his office for hour long talks, I have enjoyed every minute with my Wofford dad, my Wofford mom--the lovely Miss Carri Bass, and my Wofford brothers, David and Michael. There is no better family that I could have been "adopted" into on this campus. I know that as I graduate and move on to my next step, I will never "move on" from my Wofford family--they will always be in my thoughts, in my heart, and my never-ending emails and postcards! Thank you for all of your love, hugs, advice, and the constant listening ear. I love you, Dr. Bass, Miss Carri, David, and Michael! Thank you for making me feel so loved and accepted.” – Jennifer Sellers ‘14

Dr. Ross Bayard, Professor of History 

“Best professor I ever had.  He taught me how to study and I enjoyed going to his classes.” – J. Hayne Culler ‘66

Dr. Walter G. Blanchard, Professor of Mathematics 

“I wish he had stayed at Wofford.  If he had, I would have majored in math.  He let me teach the Trigonometry class one day.” – J. Hayne Culler ‘66

Dr. Kara Bopp, Professor of Psycology 

Reagan Styles '13

Coach James A. Brakefield, Baseball 

"A friend and solid citizen; my baseball coach” – Richard C. Adkins ‘60 

Dr. John Bullard, Professor of Religion 

"Dr. John M Bullard is the professor who most influenced me while at Wofford. His enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject of religion caused me to want to pursue a career in teaching. Unfortunately, I never went on to obtain a doctorate - only a Master of Divinity - but have taught Sunday school for the past 42 years (almost). When I revisited the campus several years ago he graciously received me and treated me to lunch. He never lost that professorial touch the several times I emailed him about things I was struggling with. He is not one to give out answers easily but challenged me to find the answer myself. Thank you Dr. Bullard!" - Max O. Reeves '68

Dr. William P. Cavin '45, Professor of Chemistry 

John Ward '55

Dr. L. Harris Chewning, Professor of English 

What a perfect gentleman and a great English professor.” – J. Hayne Culler ‘66 

Dr. Kenneth Coates, Professor of English 

“It is because of the continued inspiration I receive from memories of the great Professor Ken Coates that I contribute annually to the Friends of the Library.” – William Conrad ‘69

Dr. Christine S. Dinkins, Professor of Philosphy 

Lara Hrabota '07

Dr. Harry Donald Dobbs, Professor of Biology 

William Anderson '67

"I once heard Dr. Dobbs say that a good sewage system saves more human lives in a day than any number of doctors will save in their lifetime. I saw that first hand during a cholera outbreak in the village where I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Sierra Leone. I spent the next 25 years of my life as a Public Health Educator. Today, I teach high school students the basics of public health science in my Health Science and Anatomy and Physiology classes. Dr. Dobbs influence and encouragement definitely made a big difference in my life and career." - Brad Smith '73

Lori Winkles '83

Dr. Benjamin B. Dunlap, President Emeritus 

“ My friend I am so proud of you and send you my gratitude for all you mean to Wofford” – R. Wright Spears’33

Dr. Linton Dunson, Professor of Government 

Stephen Dittmann '87

Wesley Hickman '99

Dr. Ellen Goldey, Professor of Biology 

William James '72

Megan Jones '13

Mr. Andrew Green, Professor of Accounting and Finance 

Michael Jolly '10

Dr. Boylston Green, Professor of English 

"There was a sadness about Cody Green, a melancholy. But there was also an abiding joie de vivre. From his example, I first learned that sadness and joy are not opposites, and the one to be ignored, the other to be pursued. Rather, they are complements, each lending the other a deeply human resonance. Once you've learned that, there's not so very much more in life you really need to know." -excerpt from an essay by Samuel Dibble Watson, Jr. ‘64

Dr. John Harrington, Professor of Geology 

"Great Lad, now tell me more about that strike, slip, fault up there"..."Ya know Lad, you are the first student ever to find a trilobite/sp on one of these lab trips to Tenn." I never did know if that was the truth. - Hubert E. Cooke, III '72

Dr. Stacey R. Hettes, Professor of Biology 

“Dr. Hettes inspired me to learn as much as possible and to grow as a person.  My time at Wofford was even more amazing because I had the good fortune to have her as a professor and as an advisor.  Thank you for teaching me that it is OK to laugh and cry when you need to, to always keep learning, and to make time for what really matters.” – Georgeanna Lowdermilk ‘08

Dr. John Q. Hill, Professor of Mathematics 

John Ward '55

Dr. Walter Hudgins, Professor of Philosophy 

Christopher Wood '79

Dr. Ryan Johnson, Professor of Accounting and Finance 

Gus Herlong '10

Dr. Lewis P. Jones ’38, Professor of History 

A. Pearce Stockman ‘58

“Dr. Jones was a great friend to me and helped as my advisor.  He helped me in my studies because I worked the second shift from 4 p.m. to 12 p.m. 6 days a week.  So my grades were not that great!  He got me through.  Our son, Chris Poteat ’87, went to Wofford and took history courses and worked for Dr. Jones." - Max B. Poteat ‘60

John Lupold '64

“In my opinion, Lewis Jones was a scholar of National renown and a singularly great man.  I was a student of his from my first semester at Wofford in 1968 and remained one until I graduated in 1972.  Through my career, I received notes of encouragement that I treasure.  To alumni of my age, Lewis Jones IS Wofford College and that will not change.” – Ernest B. Segars ‘72

Thomas Crocker '75

Edward Stewart '86

Coach Amy Kiah, Women’s Soccer 

Nicole Siebert ‘11

Dr. Li Qing Kinnison, Professor of Chinese Language 

Sammy Nassri '10

Dr. Joseph Killian, Professor of History 

Peter Cagle '76

Dr. Jim Keller, Professor of Philosophy 

Christopher Wood '79

Mr. John Lane '77, Professor of Environmental Studies 

Eric Breitenstein '12

Steven C. Bearden '13

Dr. John Lefebvre, Professor of Psycology 

Pierre Nunez '13

Reagan Styles '13

Dr. Joe Lesesne, President Emeritus 

John Ward '55

Frank Devine '65

Peter Moore '69

Dr. James Loftin, Professor of Chemistry 

John Ward '55

William Looney '71

Dean Frank Logan '41, Dean of Students Emeritus 

Jerry B. Copes '59

Dr. Frank M. Machovec, Professor of Economics 

Timothy Pless '90

“My favorite professor and mentor. The best professor for Interim and economics. I miss his witty comments and enthusiastic teaching!” - Charlie Williams '04

Megan Early '08

"For all that he taught me and the wonderful experiences abroad with him" - Othniel Laffitte '10

James R. Kavanaugh ‘12

Dr. Dan B. Maultsby '61, Dean of the College (Retired) 

Joe Pugh '60

Coach William McCarren, Football 

John Ward '55

Mr. Gary McCraw '77, Professor of Music 

Dennis Kennedy '90

Dr. Vincent E. Miller, Professor of English 

“Dr. Miller was the finest and most stimulating professor I ever had, even including the Nationally revered professors in the famed English department at the University of Virginia where I earned the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees.” – Dr. Don Greiner ‘62

“Dr. Miller taught my classmates and me how to read and write.  He taught us how to engage in critical thinking before that term had ever been coined.” – John M. Freeman ‘68

Dr. Ted Monroe, Professor of Mathematics 

James Mayo '73

Dr. Cecile Nowatka, Professor of Psycology 

Reagan Styles '13

Dr. Patricia Nuriel, Professor of Modern Languages 

Pierre Nunez '13

Dr. Wesley Pech, Professor of Economics 

Erin Morgan '13

Dr. Charles S. Pettis, Professor of Physics 

John Ward '55

Dr. John Pilley, Professor of Psychology 

David Murphy '74 

Anthony Peay '79

William McCarter '82

Susan League '92

“Two great men and pillars of the Wofford Community. Both set examples for young men on how to be great men, husbands and fathers.” – Jonathan Roberts ‘96

Dr. Jim Proctor, Professor of Finance and Accounting 

Stefan Leonhardt '13

Dr. Doug Raynor, Professor of Biology 

“My best memories of Wofford are from Field Biology and Field Botany Labs with Dr. Raynor." - Nicolas A. Papdea '94

Dr. Eddie Richardson, Professor of Finance 

Joseph Ray '05

Carl Campbell Oates '08

Coach Joel E. Robertson, Men's Basketball 

“Joe yelled at me during practice one day during my sophomore year (not a good year for me) and said, “Eubanks, you play like a ‘bundle of nerves’.” I realized he was absolutely right, and was able to relax and play a decent game thereafter! I owe my education at Wofford and ‘growing up’ in general to Joe Robertson, a real good guy in my book! “  – Raymond C. Eubanks Jr ‘56

Dr. Richard L. Robinson ’61, Professor of Mathematics 

“For over 40 years now, Richard Robinson has been a part of my life as a teacher, church leader and friend. I consider him to be the best teacher I ever had and his leadership and insistence on excellence provided the foundation for my career as an educator." – Albert L. Jeter ‘74

Professor Erika Scavillo, Modern Languages Lecturer 

Samuel Meeks '97

Dr. Catherine Schmitz, Professor of Modern Languages 

Erin Morgan '13

Dr. Peter Schmunk, Professor of Fine Arts 

Christy Kirchner, '07

Dr. Donald M. Scott, Professor of Psychology 

“Many Thanks!” – Evan F. Dapo ‘92

Dr. George Shiflet, Professor of Biology 

Deirdre Jeter '03

The Space 

Stefan Leonhardt '13

Dr. Bryan Splawn 

Angelique Nyinawabera '13

Dr. Timothy Terrell, Professor of Economics 

Gaston Albergotti '13

Mr. Sandor Teszler, Professor of Humanities 

“What an inspiration. I remember him coming in to enjoy his namesake (the Wofford library). I wish that as a student I knew of his role in integrating SC’s industry. He was a righteous man.” - Julie Krauss Torrey '91

Dr. Gerald Thurmond, Professor of Sociology 

Jessica L. Grantham '10

Dr. Ed Welchel, Professor of Education 

“Dr. Welchel was one of my favorite professors during my time at Wofford. He was always up for a good conversation and was always willing to take time to talk about anything from course questions to life dreams. Even after I graduated, I enjoyed visiting with him upon returns to campus to share about my teaching experiences. He is certainly a professor who changed my life!” - Lauren Dempsey West '04

Dr. Carol Wilson '81, Professor of English 

Mercedes Jeter '13

Pierre Nunez '13

Dr. Dennis Wiseman, Professor of Modern Languages 

“For being such an inspiration; for the encouragement to study abroad; for still being a Force on the basketball court J” – Valerie Cote ‘86

"While on the road of life, there are some people whose paths you cross, and your route is altered forever. This was the case when I took my first French class with Dr. Dennis Wiseman. I knew I loved the language and culture; I knew I wanted to major in French; yet, I did not know that I would gain a lifelong mentor and friend through Dr. DM Wiseman. Not only is he one hell of a French professor and one of the smartest guys I know, he is also very caring and just downright cool.
One shining example of his above-and-beyond attitude towards his students is during my semester abroad in France, Dr. Wiseman kept in touch and discovered we would be in Amsterdam at the same time; he visiting his wife, and I touring the city with a friend from my program. Dr. Wiseman suggested that we meet and catch up on all things European. After he and Dr. Ana Maria took us out for a wonderful meal and spent hours chatting about our experiences, my friend, from the University of Colorado, was shocked that my professors would go out of their way and show such hospitality and kindness to us.
Dr. Wiseman is one of the reasons that Wofford is such a special place, and he remains one of my fondest memories of my time there. I can only hope to have the same wonderful influence and impact on my French students' lives as he has had on mine!" - Lindsay Lyman Skelton '04

Jacqueline Shurburtt Burkhead '06