Wofford Terrier

 Class of 2003 Giving 

  • 23% participation
  • 35% participation goal 
  • 30 people needed to reach the participation goal
  • Total Annual Fund class gift: $5,055.40
  • Annual Fund class goal: $5,000
  • Average Gift: $92
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Members of the Class of 2003 who have committed to Wofford this calendar year (as of November 15, 2011):    

Individuals with outstanding pledges are listed in italics. Pledge payments are due by 
December 31, 2011.    

Mrs. Mindy Marriott Adams 
Ms. Sally B. Armstrong 
Mrs. Lindsey Smith Batavia 
Mrs. Catherine Hoge Bayne 
Mr. Jeremy J. Bishop 
Mr. William H. F. Bowen 
Mrs. Kelly Moore Bowers 
Dr. S. Michael Bozard 
Mrs. Amanda Farris Brennan 
Mr. Owen F. Brice, Jr. 
Ms. Mary Holland Brumbach 
Mrs. Molly Bushong Carr 
Ms. Catherine R. Codispoti 
Mr. John C. Connelly 
Dr. William Chase Corn 
Ms. Crystal A. Craig 
Mrs. Elizabeth Rast Crider 
Mr. Cornelius L. Cromer 
Ms. Tanisha L. Dawkins 
Mr. S. Dixon Dedman 
Mrs. Marlana Brown Edwards 
Mr. Christopher W. Elsken 
Ms. Anna C. Epps 
Mr. F. J. Daniel Felder, III 
Mr. Nathan P. Fuqua 
Mr. D. J. Gaillard 
Mr. John H. Garrett, IV 
Dr. Alison Caviness Gibson 
Mr. Marcus G. Gilmore 
Mr. Robert F. Goings 
Mrs. Amber Roby Goodpaster 
Mr. Isaac S. Goodpaster 
Mrs. Kristen Starnes Gray 
Mrs. Callie Crenshaw Hammett 
Mr. Heath C. Hanna 
Mrs. Meredith Healy Hanna 
Mrs. Jamison Link Harrington 
Mrs. Courtney Bartie Hicks 
Mrs. Candace Gore Hindersman 
Ms. Tracy A. Howard 
Mr. William W. Hoy, III 
Mr. Justin L. Hunte 
Ms. Deirdre A. Jeter 
Mr. Chad N. Johnston 
Mr. Melvin D. Jones, Jr. 
Mr. E. Wilson Kinard 
Mrs. Kristina Autry Kinard 
Ms. Elizabeth A. Koon 
Ms. Carolyn E. Laffitte 
Ms. Amy J. Leatherman 
Ms. Jennifer L. Lister 
Mr. Jason C. Lynch 
Dr. Amanda Nave Marvelle 
Mrs. Sarah Bagwell McGirt 
Mrs. Lauren Johnson McWilliams
Mr. W. Reece McWilliams, III 
Mr. Jenkins B. Meyer 
Ms. Julia M. Miller 
Mrs. Kelly Day Miner 
Mr. J. Michael Montgomery
Ms. Mary F. Morgan 
Mr. Kenneth L. Nix 
Mr. Justin J. Noel 
Ms. Amanda O. Odom 
Mr. Sean N. Patterson 
Mrs. Kimberly McDonald Pauls 
Ms. Heather S. Roger
Mrs. Jane Lee Scott 
Mrs. Jaclyn Eargle Sease 
Mr. Jesse A. Smith 
Dr. Karen Hembree Spry 
Mr. Grant A. Sterley 
Ms. Faith A. Stewart 
Mr. Christopher S. Strickland 
Mrs. Jennifer Jackson Swank 
Ms. M. Rebecca Terry 
Mrs. Pierrine Todd Thomas 
Mr. William L. Thomas 
|Mrs. Lauren Joyner Vicars
Mrs. Erin Miller Wallin 
Mrs. Tyler Schachte Whitaker 
Mrs. Janna Webb White 
Dr. Bronwyn L. Young, II