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The Annual Fund is divided into three distinct designations:   

The Unrestricted Annual Fund  

Unrestricted Annual Fund dollars are used by the college in a multitude of ways, from the most basic (electricity in the dorms) to the essential (recruiting top-notch faculty), and everything in between.

When you give to the Unrestricted Annual Fund, you allow Wofford the flexibility to respond to urgent needs as well as important opportunities.

These funds also help bridge the gap between what students pay for tuition and the actual cost of a Wofford education. In fact, without gifts to the Unrestricted Annual Fund, each student would pay an additional $2,200 in tuition each year.   

The Terrier Club

Donations to the Terrier Club are used exclusively for scholarships for student athletes, which is a critical factor in the success of Wofford’s athletics program.

Gifts from club members provide two-thirds of the athletic scholarships awarded at Wofford. For the college to remain competitive in the Southern Conference and  NCAA Division I, it must continue to recruit quality student athletes, and the Terrier Club provides the margin of difference that can catapult Wofford’s athletic program to the top of its game.  

Friends of the Library

Gifts to the Friends of the Library fund are used to acquire print and digital materials, as well as special collections that enrich the academic and cultural environment for the Wofford community.

In addition to holding over 300,000 items in its collection, Wofford’s Sandlor Teszler Library is committed to putting cutting-edge information technology at the fingertips of every Wofford student. Searchable databases, available online, furnish resources from around the world—enhancing student and faculty research.